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  1. I did indeed, first I tried just replacing the src gamescripts, the crash still happened, and then I replaced the main.scm in the data folder and crashed when applying the hook to the time machine.
  2. I tried running it with the posted fix files but the crashes when lightning hits the clock tower still continues.
  3. I really do miss the Hill Valley area from 0.2e compared to the version in 0.2f. Perhaps if it weren't for just a flat road over the open sea leading into a floating Hill Valley square, where as 0.2e's version was disguised well by having a proper bridge leading over to the suburbs, with the mall parking lot across from it, and a main road that has building placed at the side to block out the ocean. This is the Hill Valley version I am talking about (poor quality video, but good enough to show which version I mean): https://youtu.be/mu_Rd5-bmyU?t=287
  4. The BF Injection has no wheels. This is a post update 01 bug.
  5. This crash is happening to me too, with the latest update and all.
  6. Yeah that is what I meant, however it isn't showing at all on my end.
  7. The wheel take off boost effect for the BttF II flying delorean is failing to appear as it did in 0.2e. I am not sure whether this intentional or an actual bug.
  8. No matter what time I travel to, there seems to be no NPC vehicles driving around on the streets.
  9. This new update seems to have made the game much more stable, i didn't get any crashes within the 2015 era like I had experienced before, overall nice work. I tried both with keep the Hill Valley map active and removed, both just as stable, no random crashes whatsoever. However the game still crashes when: -Trying to attach the hook to the delorean on the night of november 12th 1955 (happens mostly when time circuits are active, otherwise works just fine). -Refueling the time circuits on the DMC 13 time machine. (Happens mostly in the tutorial, otherwise it works just fine). Of course that is with using all the latest updates. Edit: Oh and you forgot to add this to the install script of latest update: \addtogta3img\blistac.txd [addtogta3img]
  10. I hope you do this, I am sure theres a place on the Vice City map that can stand in for this feature.
  11. Awesome, its always nice to see the mod getting some decent attention from gaming reps such as that.
  12. Think this actually did it, I won't know until I test it out a couple of more times but I just played around within the 2015 era (the era I get random crashes) crash free for a good 20 mins, however I am using the update before the latest update because the latest update gives me the Nov 12th 1955 lightning hook crash (when one activates the lightning hook/rod upon the delorean on the night of the famous Hill Valley lightning storm). Hope the crash free continues. EDIT: Meh, false alarm AGAIN, ugh well thats that then.