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  1. Loved this series!! Watched on YouTube a few months ago! STILL trying to get all these mods to work together...
  2. Ok so this what my problem too and here's how i fixed it. First start up FRESH GTA SA and just hit new game. Play the first mission and save as soon as you get the chance. Now go back to your modded GTA and load that save game. Mix in the properties compatibility mode and the Windows DEP trick and remember, a lot of the time it wont work... but when it does, it is glorious! Also let me know if you need me to further explain thins, assuming your familiar with modding
    The hard work and dedication in this, is insane. This team, this community is incredible! As stated previously by Peter is the time train no longer keeps its momentum when time traveling in cutscene mode. Other than that it is fantastic! One question, could there be a timeline where the dmc-13 Time Machine makes a return? I understand why it was removed but it was so unique and cool! Anyways excellent as always!
  3. try going to properties and then compatibility mode and attempt using XP or vista, also run as administrator! Hope this helps!
  4. For gta 4 you can lookup The ultimate back to the future mod 1.0. It comes with an easy auto installer so just select where you're main copy of the game is and hit start from there once your in game use the console command key (different for everyone but usually bellow escape) the type "spawn bttf2" or whichever DeLorean you want bearing in mind that the number corresponds with the movie time machine. From there use num pad + to activate time circuits, num pad - to refill mr fusion or the plutonium respectively, get that baby to 88 miles per hour and see some serious crap! Also for bttf2 use F7 to fly and F8 to land. Happy time traveling, let me know if you need help getting it running.
  5. could you possibly release these models soon? They're looking absolutely fantastic! Glad to see everyone is still going at it. You all of truly moved mountains.

  6. Oh Duh! Of course its at the beach! My bad.
  7. Hello there again! I have noticed in the BTTF game from TellTale at the end there was a blue DeLorean. Now normally i would shrug it off but it seems that other mods include the infamous blue DeLorean, with some even calling it BTTF 4! Just curious because it could be pretty cool, also could we possible see a return of the DMC 13? Loved the model and how unique the car was. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  8. I have seen on the loading screen for hill valley 0.2F there is the third DeLorean driving in the wild west or possibly just a desert. Anyone know how to do this? Or is it just a map mod? If not please explain in detail how to get to 1885.
  9. I saw it as a youtube video where Mop Danny played 0.2E R2 and it looked awesome! Here is the video I hope it is not stollen though! Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Does anyone know if there is a way to get the 0.2F time circuits into 0.2E R2? I love that version of the mod to death but it is always a drag when I have to constantly spam capslock and ctrl in order to set the dates. I wish it was like 0.2F where it had the awesome map and models as well as the numpad time circuits! Anyone know how to make this dream come true?
  11. Hello everyone, I have noticed that when the DeLorean hits 88 MPH it time travels. Now you may be saying duh but hear me out. In the movies the DeLorean gets to 88 then the effects and sounds begin and last for about 4 seconds. However in this INCREDIBLE mod the effects and sounds begin at 80 and then the car time travels at 88. This is not bad, just something I noticed while playing. A little food for thought.