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  1. It has been 5 years and I am not interested in BTTF modding anymore. However, I do still have the files. The link died because I changed Google accounts some time ago so here you go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13XjHAZ6l148yweJHgc5T8qAaMC1ggUBI/view?usp=sharing
  2. You dead?

    1. NitrogenDelorean397


      Seems like the forums is basically now a baron wasteland

  3. Do you have BTTFModMachine blue delorean script?

  4. EDIT: Nevermind I needed the original file
  5. well check my post it is for bttf sa mod
  6. I just noticed you mentioned uokka123's changes. IDK man about that version
  7. Install CLEO CLEO 3 is sure to crash your game Here link:https://mega.nz/#F!qBw1yDyJ!2SGPsKDX04IPAiKu2LPngg!edpghIIa Find a file called CLEO4_Setup.exe at coding and modifications
  8. EDIT 14/7/2017 : Thanks to Olivercomet, now I know how to open .s files I need people who know good coding. So help me with audio code. Because this isn't gonna stay updated.
  9. 1. Install updates Here are the revived updates but only the early ones that were uploaded by Abdullah Basit24 Files: https://mega.nz/#F!qBw1yDyJ!2SGPsKDX04IPAiKu2LPngg (Note:You need to install this first and don't install teleport script timecircuits!) 2. Install scripts and files Files: https://goo.gl/H7VuLX New Features: 0.1: Added Blue DeLorean (by Olivercomet) 0.2: Blue telltale wormhole and garage.cs file but not spawnable by garage if you select BTTF4 the game will crash 0.21: Added TellTale DeLorean by SnakeGTAMods 0.3: Rewritten code, so you might need reinstall the cleo scripts again. Borrowed the code from BTTFKR vent.s but it does not play the audio Controls: Spawn BTTF 4 with RShift and N The mod is in really early beta so no garage spawn nor TP scripts.
  10. Me too but what .cs and what line?
  11. Revived files:https://mega.nz/#F!yJYCBBKK!6nMY1mVz_rElWOc0H0b_5w
  12. The links are broken. Thankfully someone has the files revived. Link:https://mega.nz/#F!qBw1yDyJ!2SGPsKDX04IPAiKu2LPngg