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  1. xD oh yeah they happened but less frequently than I thought they would.....funny enough it's nowhere near as bad as the amount of softlocking GTA SA has done to me recently. as for the anti-virus I don't run any and the discord link on the site is invalid
  2. Jesus it's been quite a while since I've been here. So to start this off I will post the potential bugs I found...now I don't know if they are bugs but to me they are! 1. Cars driving through hill valley during the night of the thunderstorm.... it's horrible but that's not the bug, so I travelled to nov 12 1955 10:03pm and the alarm clock went off.... good but I failed because of the cars... however when I time travelled back to 10:03pm the alarm clock did NOT go off and thus I missed the opportunity to do the event. 2. When the flying delorean is struck by lightning and going from flying to car... I can't move the delorean during the animation cycle.....which caused me to plummet into the ocean to my death. 3. The rogers locomotive floats at it's spawn point after pushing the delorean to 88mph 4. This one might not be a bug but......I wasn't able to make the DMC13 time machine.... was it removed ? I don't recall if it was removed in base 0.2f 5. certain cars are missing their wheels until they're really far away where they look complete also I've got a lot of issues trying to get the dev builds to run like after installing the game would boot to black screen and soft lock my PC forcing me to reboot so to even get this stream done I had to use the manual installer. Anyway I'll be covering the mod more in the future when I can get the dev builds running xD, take care! full stream can be found here: if you spot anything I might of missed....then it's a good job I stream
  3. I can't get this to work at all! So what happens is I click the bttf-hv.exe and the game runs, it soft locks my computer on a black screen so I have to force a reset (I can't CTRL+ ALT + DEL to access task manager or sign out) The base game itself works just fine until I install the mod The rig I'm using is : ryzen 2700x CPU 16GB DDR4 RAM GTX 1060 6 GB mini and the game + mod is being run off an NVME M.2 drive ( not M.2 SSD)
  4. press buttons and hope for the best
  5. ^ you can install mods without overwriting anything, it injects the entire mod into the game without permanently overwriting anything, just go into the mod loader folder and make a folder for the mod and boom done
  6. oh cool, I didn't see the thread because I didn't look for it, I was doing it for personal home use. the only thing I couldn't get textured was the hover conversion animation
  7. first of all I had no idea it was being converted by the original author I wanted to try converting models plus I saw these models ( ones that looked similar but less shiny) in a youtube video for san andreas
  8. really? all I did was convert the model using kam's scripts in 3ds max. how can I make it better ? also I need the particle ID line to make the coil glow fit
  9. ok so I've converted the 0.2f models to san andreas but I now need help in san andreas I need someone to texture the wheel opening from bttf 2 to flying bttf2 ( when you press 0 or CTRL to go into flying mode) I also need help getting the coil glow on the models to fit (I'm using delorean88mp's mod pack and I want the coil glow to fit) much help appreciated also I've attached a picture of what the 0.2f bttf3 delorean looks like in san andreas ( converted by me)
    this is a massive improvement over the initial release but the only problem I have is the time train. when I time travel with the time train it just spawns in when it re-enters through the wormhole after time travel. the train doesn't come through the wormhole like before. its kind of hard to explain
  10. I come back from holiday to find all of these comments on my thread :3 I am so looking forward to the next update. the only things that irked me was the lack of traffic and the crashes other than that it was fantastic! keep it up guys and I'll do more videos ( it gives me something to do other than just dragon ball Z and the like)
  11. well my one is more of a showcase. it took ages to put things together because of the crashes. but I'm still gonna play it because it's fun. I've already had a guy complain about the mod pack saying the 7 years isn't worth it ( back to the future forever group on facebook)
  12. alright I thought I'd showcase in a video some of the best features of 0.2f. there are bugs like time traveling by pushing the delorean to 88MPH while using cutscene time travel hill valley looked buggy when I was driving up to it, the models had no back to them at the start of hill valley trying to add the hook to the BTTF1 delorean crashes the game the game randomly crashes while in docs truck at the airport and also once or twice the game has crashed while getting into the time train its all unhandled exeption errors. if I find more crashes and when they happen I'll add them here
    The entire mod pack is wonderful overall. pros: Keypad input support aka use the number pad to enter date and time New models for all of the deloreans A driveable rogers locomotive with the push the delorean to 88MPH thing new animations and effects for the time train new effects on the railroad delorean and BTTF III delorean cons: building glitches in hill valley aka you can see through the buildings at the start of hill valley game crashes whenever I time travel in RC mode game crashes whenever I time travel in cutscene mode while I push the delorean to 88MPH with the locomotive and random crashes when I get into the time train. Lack of NPC cars to steal ( I assume thats how the polygon bug thing from 02e was fixed) overall 9/10
  13. use a vehicle spawner that gives you the car ID....then look up the car ID to find it and then rename your model and texture then import it