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  1. I'm testing some tweaked versions of BTTF Hill valley 0.2e but I have some "problems" on my laptop keyboard about mapping ... I'd like to modify it and keep the same keyboard mapping of 0.2f version ... So, how can I do? In particular, is it possible or do I need other source files?
  2. Is someone able to modify these parameters? I'd like to try customize these options but I don't know where I can start
  3. I'm not able to modify these files, because i'm not an expert about it and it's more complex than what I thought. So I think i'll use the mod as usual.
  4. Ok, thanks a lot for the support.
  5. I have a question for you ... How can I reduce street size and make this like the 0.2e update? I don't like very much the current street clocktower's section and I'd like to have the same street of 0.2e version. Is it possible to adapt the 0.2e street's code on the latest update, like copying it?
  6. Now it works!!! Clocktower mod is working! But there's traffic in Hill Valley again.
  7. I know there's available the DMC-13 BTTF mod but I don't understand how can I convert normal DMC-13 to time machine. I have the latest version of BTTF:Hill Valley. PS: I know that the garage converts DMC-13 too, but when I go to the garage with the car it's always closed ... So, how can I do?
  8. I mean that the clocktower mod it's not working.
  9. I tried this method but the mod doesn't work at all ... Everything is ok except clocktower mod.
  10. I confirm that there's this bug another time .... I'm not able to see this working!!!