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Back To The Future: San Andreas Modifications by BTTFModMachine

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Hello everyone!

I decided to mod BTTF: SA for a while. These are my modifications:

Mods Made:
Now using Source Code 1105 effects.fxp only.
BTTF1 and BTTF2 Delorean flux dispersal effects now start at 80 mph.
Changed wormhole effects to enlarge more smoothly.
Added KITT (Delorean Edition) Time Travel Effects, which is also compatible with Source Code 1105.
Added KITT (Delorean Edition) Spawn Code
Modified uokka's hover mod with these features:
Changed vent glows to work with BTTF2 delorean rather than Crysis delorean
Changed hover control layout to work with the Deloreans mod mentioned below.
Modified BTTF2 hover controls.
Imported my Crysis Delorean-like textures to SA. Now all deloreans have crysis-like textures. They include:
New Delorean Body
New Headlights
New Taillights
New DMC-12 Wheels
Added New Mr. Fusion sound to BTTFSA.
Teleport Mod:
This is the teleport by year mod I made for SA.
So far the years are as follows:
The year 0 Era
1885 Era
***Special Year***
2854: This special year teleports you to the garage where you can change into a different delorean time machine.

These mods were made on top of the All Deloreans BTTFSA Mod by Delorean88MP:

You can find his mod here: http://youtu.be/RdzKFdddFIk


That's all for now. More mods coming, including crysis-like KITT (Delorean Edition) with delorean engine sounds, and more years for the teleport mod.

Update 7/24/13: The first beta release of my teleport script is out! See download section at the bottom.

Teleports to different locations from the year 0 to the year 3000. Time travel above the year 3000, and you won't teleport at all!

You have to install the Peabody Ranch map mod by LoadGamePL to spawn in the barn.

***Another special date***

November 5th 1955, spawn in Peabody Barn. The rest of the 1955 era, you spawn on a road.

This is a beta. Still has some bugs to work out. If someone could test it for me, that would be great! :)

UPDATE 7/28/13: Modded effects.fxp. Now has uokka's wheelglow and wheelboost mods as well as BTTF3 wormhole and sparks. Also included updated BTTF3, BTTF3 RR and bananas time travel scripts with new effects. Link at bottom.

UPDATE 8/7/13: Beta 2 of my teleport script is out! Here is the link, and make sure to read the readme: Link at Bottom.

UPDATE 8/8/13: Added uokka's telltale wormhole to the mod. Now all time travel scripts use uokka's animated wormhole. I re-colored the wormhole to make an orange-ish BTTF3 version along with the blue. All time travel scripts now use the cold delorean effect (not uokka's). Also, BTTF2 time travel script no longer has hover mode. Uokka's hover script replaces hover mode for all deloreans now. Edited time_help.cs now spawns a BTTF2 delorean from a distance, but no one is in it. Refuel and go! Wow, that was a mouthful.

UPDATE: Fixed some time travel bugs. Now all deloreans time travel at the instant they reach 88 mph. For some reason, the BTTF 1, 2, 3, and 3 RR deloreans stayed at 88 mph for a while (I was like, "Time Travel Already!) :P Also, time_help.cs bug fixed. Now you can drive the spawned delorean without having to refuel Mr. Fusion first. Reupload link at bottom.

UPDATE 8/18/13: Beta 3 of my teleport script is out! Now has fixed time circuits (almost). Thanks to LoadGamePL for the fix. Please download at bottom and read the readme.


New Mod Update! 9/6/13

Updated Mods Include:
Skin Selector: Marty at the start of the save game
Crysis Delorean Edits:
New Headlights
New Taillights
New Whiter Mr. Fusion
New License Plate
New Brighter Blue Delorean
New Delorean Handling
Original DMC-13 Wheels
KITT License Plate
KITT Red Scanner
KITT 3000 Effects and Sounds
Time Travel Script. Now refuel on the side of DMC-13000, not facing the rear.
Thanks to LoadGamePL for the Crysis license plate and headlights textures.
Thanks to PozitiVBttF for the fixed DMC-13 wheel. Modifications to the DMC-13 by me.
Credits go to Mad_Driver10 for the converted taillights texture for SA.
UPDATE 10/10/13:
Mods Made:
Improved uokka hover conversion liftoff with struts.
New Hover Mode On Sound from Tellltale Games
New Animated Wormhole
Traffic By Year with cars from 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 80's, and 2015+
Thanks to:
uokka for help with fixing the hover script and adding the struts.
Trancelikestate for the Telltale 1930's cars for SA.
LoadGamePL on youtube for help with fixing the Traffic by Year script.
ManuGT1000 on youtube for the converted Toyota SR5 pickup.
Na Teles on youtube for the Crysis normal DMC-12, which I modified.
BttfTrain on youtube for the converted BMW 633 CSi and the manure truck.
The modders at gta-classics.net for their classic cars for SA.
Programist for his wormhole, which I modified.
The modders that made the GTA SA Anderius (Alien City) cars.
DOWNLOAD: A download will be provided soon with ONLY the hover script. I do not have permission to release the models. Therefore if one wants to make their own Traffic by year mod, I will only help with the coding by request.
UPDATE 11/11/13:
A small mod update which includes:
Telltale Time Travel Particles
Telltale Reentry Sounds
Battle With DELOKARR mini-mission.
Thanks to uokka for help with particle effects.
Thanks to LoadGamePL for help with DELOKARR mini-mission,
My own version of DELOKARR mini-mission created from Christine Mod and inspired by LoadGamePL's mod.
UPDATE 12/22/13:
New Mod Update that includes the following (in chronological order):
Doc Garage Vehicle Spawn Scripts
Time Train
Normal DMC-13
New More Accurate BTTF2 Crysis Delorean
New Delorean Door Open Sound
Time Train Time Travel Scripts
New Particle Effects for Time Train
New Ventglow Effects
New Delorean Engine On Sound
New Delorean Engine Idle Sound
New Time Circuit Enter Sound
New Mr. Fusion Closing Sound
New Hover On Sound
Credits go to:
Lucas.M.V.Videos on YouTube for his Time Train
LoadGamePL on YouTube for his converted Doc Truck
BTTFTrain on YouTube for his DMC-13 Conversion, which I modified.
Programist for his particle effects, which I also modified.
Telltale Games for their Door, Time Circuits, and Mr. Fusion sounds.
Big thanks again to RobertBlox, uokka, and PozitiVBttF for helping me with the crysis model.
UPDATE 3/7/2014: Delorean Railroad script fixed for Roger's 131 Locomotive:
This mod update includes the following:
New Crysis BTTF3 Railroad Delorean
New Roger's 131 Locomotive converted from 0.2f
New Roger's Locomotive Presto Log Effects
Special thanks to PozitiVBttF for the Roger's Locomotive models.
Credits go to:
BTTF Hill Valley team for their original VC Roger's Locomotive.
Lucas.M.V.Videos for the Crysis Railroad delorean wheel and CPRR boxcar train models.
AVP for his Crysis Delorean Mr. Fusion plate.
Trancelikestate for his converted Telltale Mr. Fusion.
Programist for his source code.
UPDATE 3/24/14: New 3D-ish firetrail for the deloreans.
This firetrail uses 2 primary base data sets with 2 different textures and colors.
I also created a longer BTTF3 RR version, but it is not shown in the video because it disappears too quickly.
Please feel free to comment on the firetrail. I could always use some constructive criticism. :)
UPDATE 4/17/14: New Particle Reentry Explosions and BTTF3 RR firetrail:
So, what do you think of the explosions?
UPDATE 6/15/14: Added updates to the Doc Brown Follow Script. Now all you have to do is meet Doc in his house.
UPDATE 6/25/14:
0.2e DMC-13 Particle Scripts converted to SA with some minor improvements
Accurate DMC-13 Time Travel Coils
Updated Programist Effects Added
BTTF 3 Crysis Delorean now using carcols on the wheels.
DMC-13000 Model Update
Source Code Update With uokka Time Circuits
Knight Industries Time Traveler Model Update with Working Scanner
uokka for his Time Circuit code.
The BTTFHV Mod Team for the original DMC-13 code.
Programist for his wormhole effects code
UPDATE 8/12/14:
A small mod update that includes:
Crysis Delorean Models optimized for Improved Vehicle Features mod.
uokka Hover Mod Integration Scripts that include glowing vents at night and correct firetrails while time traveling in hover mode.
New Blue Delorean Door Sound
Engine Acceleration and Rev Sounds now back to HV mod default.
Updated Programist effects. Now each delorean time travel implosion matches its wormhole color.
DOWNLOAD: No download due to permissions issues.
Credits go to:
Programist for his particle effects.
uokka for his vent effects, which I modified.
Thanks to:
PozitiVBttF for help with Improved Vehicle Features.
uokka for help with the hover integration script.
*********Download Section*********

UPDATE 6/26/13: Coding and audio modifications download:


UPDATE 6/27/13: KITT (Delorean Edition) Time Travel Fixes:


UPDATE 6/28/13: Vent Glows Fix and Radio playback for all cars.


Update 7/24/13: Teleport script Beta 1.


Peabody Ranch map mod by LoadGamePL.


UPDATE 7/28/13: Modded effects.fxp. http://goo.gl/1RtcDy

UPDATE 8/7/13: Teleport Script Beta 2. http://goo.gl/tt9Q8g

UPDATE 8/8/13: uokka's telltale wormhole and edited time_help.cs. http://goo.gl/WnVHDa

UPDATE 8/12/13: Added Doc Brown Follow Scripts Download: http://goo.gl/aJjQTV

These scripts use Doc Brown as a different ped ID than the one Trance originally put them in. Please read the readme!

UPDATE 8/18/13: Teleport Script Beta 3 http://goo.gl/1wXMxu

See you in the future! :headphonedance:


Edited by BTTFModMachine
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also you can take. it has download with delorean speedometer :welcomeani:


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Yes, but the one he gave me doesn't have a fuel script, so you can't run out of gas. That was my main annoyance with the one in the video.

Edited by BTTFModMachine

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Looks very nice!

I am completely interested. :headphonedance:

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Great work! Looking forward for the Crysis Delorean models! And other fancy snazy stuffs :)

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Thanks for your download. I want to see your do with cleo :headphonedance:

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I have find Google. download with 5 minutes :welcomeani:

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Delorean88MP I have your all delorean add on but on one of your YouTube vids you have the train push scene COMPLETE with Marty voice over, effects on train and Boiler pressure gauge for presto logs, do you plan on releasing a source code for that?

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I can't seem to download it. Why is it telling me there are too many redirects?

oh sorry. it is not working upload with Google on drive :facepalm:

what name your upload?

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ok. I have take a look at :good:

you can try tag download. I do new upload

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Delorean88MP I have your all delorean add on but on one of your YouTube vids you have the train push scene COMPLETE with Marty voice over, effects on train and Boiler pressure gauge for presto logs, do you plan on releasing a source code for that?

To add to that, his custom wormhole effect looks very movie accurate. Is there anyway you'll be releasing that, Delorean88MP?

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ok. we can send wormhole effect with BTTFModMachine game? :beta:

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I actually found that same wormhole effect in someones source code edit by a guy named Programist from a russian site. Delorean88MP's new wormhole effect looks like its actually a combination of a new spark effect and a new wormhole texture.

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