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  1. You see? Maybe you should write something about mod aren't you? All of you are playing with us -.-
  2. They're making this mod more than 4 years! c'mon Assassin's Creed IV has been made in shorter time. THIS is only mod based on a game, not actual new game. I don't know what to think, but why did they lie us and said that it will be released in 2013... Maybe all of it is just a big fake? Admins don't write anything since some time.
  3. I told you so... How can we be sure that they are even making this mod?
  4. Hah. Well I'll have 0.2f version under my Christmas Tree? I hope so. Do your best Mikey.
  5. Yeah... It looks like there are HUGE chances that it'll be released this year... THIS year ends in about 29 days...
  6. Admins are offtoping, great.
  7. GTA V released. So... we're waiting for 31 december...
  8. As Pozitiv said teleport code is somewhere in timetravel.s (hmm it's logical)
  9. I know modding is hard and it requires patience but If last version is released 4 years ago, the next version must be new GTA! 4 years isn't it?