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  1. You see? Maybe you should write something about mod aren't you? All of you are playing with us -.-
  2. They're making this mod more than 4 years! c'mon Assassin's Creed IV has been made in shorter time. THIS is only mod based on a game, not actual new game. I don't know what to think, but why did they lie us and said that it will be released in 2013... Maybe all of it is just a big fake? Admins don't write anything since some time.
  3. I told you so... How can we be sure that they are even making this mod?
  4. Hah. Well I'll have 0.2f version under my Christmas Tree? I hope so. Do your best Mikey.
  5. Yeah... It looks like there are HUGE chances that it'll be released this year... THIS year ends in about 29 days...
  6. GTA V released. So... we're waiting for 31 december...
  7. As Pozitiv said teleport code is somewhere in timetravel.s (hmm it's logical)
  8. I know modding is hard and it requires patience but If last version is released 4 years ago, the next version must be new GTA! 4 years isn't it?