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  1. Lately i've been fuarrrking around with this awesome mod for GTA V: https://gta5-mods.com/scripts/knight-rider-k-i-t-t-net And it made me wonder, are Mini-Me and Co still working on this SA mod? http://www.moddb.com/mods/gta-knight-rider
  2. I vaguely remember that I (88MPH) and many more BTTFHV users were doing with "T0A5T" in it, it was apparently a meme on the older forums or this forum somewhere in '08? EDIT: Oh fuarrrk, the wordfilter is still on for the word 7oast EDIT 2 : and I found the original .gif and topic: http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/213-food-war-of-spam/&page=1
  3. He got banhammered somewhere in the middle of 2008, and seemingly never came back to Youtube? s**t, I miss that one vid of his time circuit lever replica, AFAIK it even was usable in the GTA VC mod!
  4. Glad you agree and didn't ban me on the spot then.
  5. Working fine with the DEP exception, thanks @ilufir!
  6. Since i'm not Bob Page, I downloaded VC from TPB, but when I install 0.2F and then start it, it instantly crashes with the infamous Unhandled Exception message? wat do, BTTFHV?
  7. Does anyone remember a vid by BACKINTIME that had a Top Gun-ish theme to it? There were two Deloreans, one of them was a Delorean-KITT AFAIK, the other one was a normal BTTF2 one, and Highway to the Danger Zone was playing in the background. Tried my best to find it but came up with nil.
  8. Man, I could kill myself for being this much of a edgy faggot in 2008-2009, i'm glad I wised up. I'm that one retard called 88 miles per hour, btw. Lost intrest in forums and moved over to imageboards like lainchan because I like the abrasive culture more.
  9. Welp, RIP BTTFHV after 0.2F then! Can't wait until it's released though, haven't played GTA VC in a LONG time. (it's all GTA:O now)