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  1. Hello guys, allow me to introduce myself My name is Vasilije Rakić, but people who visited the forum in the earlier half of the decade may remeber me as the infamous 'STexturer' All my modding attempt bs aside, I've never really pursued any graphical design/programming goals in my life, and have been a person without much defined interests for most of my teenage era... Anyways, since I'm now a 'professional' musician and sound engineer (signed to the biggest Serbian label, enrolling in Audio Production Institute), I was wondering if the modding team needs any help with the audio side of the mod since I've seen that there is only one member of the mod team with the task of sound design. That can mean anything, from SFX and OST to mixing of any sort and curating custom radio station playlists. Looking forward to 3.0 and I'm glad that this mod is still being worked on, as it greatly impacted my childhood even though I was a negative person on these forums. I hope the Admins don't mind me creating another account, if it is a problem, let me know... Thank you! (Hopefully I posted in the right forum...)