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On 21.11.2015, 16:36:39, Traveller0608 said:

Does it include the Libyan chase or the Temporal Experiment #1 Script/Mission?

Also, would the DeLorean reach 88mph before hitting you or something?

Wondering this as well, is there enough space?

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On 11/26/2015 at 8:02 PM, hxnva said:

Wondering this as well, is there enough space?

A common misconception of the movie logic is that there isn't enough space to get to 88 m/h, and realistically there isn't. In the movie there is a shot of Doc's DeLorean remote control and it shows him hit a stop switch while the car is in place. It's what gets the DeLorean up to about 60 MPH before Doc releases it and it reaches 88 before it hits them. 

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