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  1. Links fixed for cold.s, cold.txt and the 2048x2048 paint job overlays.
  2. I've fixed the Dropbox link and screwed up the formatting. Man, this forum software got super demanding and refuses to do what I tell it to. O.o Anyway, have fun! (;
  3. Hi there! Long time no see. I was thinking about getting a little productive again by messing with GTA SA. I'd actually love to have the new vehicle models in SA. Especially the Part 2 DeLorean. Cheers!
  4. That's a bad comparison. How to forgive an imaginative character? Not that Hitler didn't exist, but he just played a role. In one of the worst plays ever, though. Anyway, forgivingness will, at least, provide a chance to make the bad guy refine himself. To not forgive has, almost certainly, the opposite effect. f**k for Peace!
  5. Glad I could help. What was the solution? Moving the GTA:SA directory or renaming the EXE? -- Keep in mind, to use my edits of the mod, you need to very carefully read both ReadMe files, the one that comes with the original mod and mine.
  6. Windows tries to protect files that are stored in the Programs directory. You could try moving the GTA SA directory to C:\Games or something. Also renaming gta_sa.exe to anything else, stopps Windows from trying to perform some so-called compatibility tweaks, which can be bad for modding. On Win7, I have renamed gta_sa.exe to gta-sa.exe, so the stupid Game Explorer won't try to access the internet just to download a jpeg of GTA SA's cover art. Plus, the Game Explorer process can take up to 100% CPU usage if connection failed and there is no time-out. Get WinXP! That works with pretty much no tinkering.
  7. You already created a topic about that. Creating multiple topics about the same thing won't help you. Ask once and do it right. You're not even providing any useful info about your system. Furthermore, don't expect help to fix your modded game. Try it on a clean GTA first. Uploading the full game is pirating. Asking for this in a public place is plain stupid. Also, the topic title is totally random. This could't help anyone having a similar problem. It may be possible that I'd have the solution for your problem, but I don't even want to try. You seem too lazy. Please don't respond to this post. Post in the topic you have created already.
  8. I was so scared to read this.. q: But you seem to know better now how to not behave. There is no smart person out there who didn't made mistakes, since that's what we learn the most from. That was a brave move. Welcome back WikeOfBE.
  9. The forum changes "D E L O K I T T" (w/o spaces) to "bananas". Just a pun which might seem boring and strange for guys joining the forum too late to get the context (including me).
  10. OK, I get your point. But common sense doesn't apply here. The big guys don't hire their lawyers for nothing and they don't care about your view on it. Aaand, Mod Loader! Now that you're using it, you could benefit form its potential of easily sharing mods without the downside of possibly corrupted .IMG archives and the users hassle of manually messing with such files and whatnot. "Place it 'there' and BOOM - Done!". If you want to make it as easy as possible (without pirating - bc dangerous and unnecessary huge amount of data) you could just provide CLEO, Silent's ASI Loader and Mod Loader along with your mod-pack (plus possibly other files that Mod Loader currently cannot replace - if you provide any), and instruct people to simply through it in a copy of their SA directory. That's the standard way of sharing mods for a long time and it usually works just great. Imagine every mod would come with all the files the user already has. O_o That's overkill! If you really get stupid questions from lazy super-noobs who cannot find the readme and you're too lazy to answer their questions, ignore them. They'll figure it out eventually. Or tell them to RTFM (once more). Also, I think super-noobs usually don't know how to extract a split .RAR archive. (; That might be a question you should be prepared to answer too. q:
  11. Yep However, from a technical point of view it's actually not that hard to compare each file from your mod pack with the original counterpart and create a list of (or just copy) files that are not identical, so that many many files could be ignored. I actually never did this but I'd guess there are tools like MD5SUM checkers that could be used in a batch file to do the job in minutes. Don't get me wrong but "quick and easy" can also be read as "fast and dirty". q:
  12. Oh, you can't seperate the AIM mod since you can't be sure which files were modified. That's a shame. ):
  13. But I'm a cheap prick who can't afford an actually usable interwebs connection. There might be others too. While the mod itself doesn't need it. And those who aren't able to extract a RAR archive into a certain directory shouldn't use a computer anyway. q: Plus, I don't see where it gets more difficult for anyone if one has to put your \modloader\ folder (and maybe some other files to overwrite) into the SA folder. ... you're on thin ice there buddy.
  14. So you put a modded gta3.img in "..\SA\modloader\peters_mod_pack\." ??? You could save a LOT of bandwidth and download time if you just place your modded files (only) as-is in that folder. No need for .IMG archives. (: Unfortunately, it's to big for me to download. Also, Link is expecting to release another update in a week or so. The currently latest version 0.2.1 won't read handling lines as version 0.1.15 (currently latest on GTAGarage) does from .TXT files. The upcomming Mod Loader update may be even more awesomer. (;
  15. Why soo huge; several GB to download?
  16. Something like this? (untested) I think there is also an opcode to make map objects invisible.
  17. I'd actually choose to not use very HQ mods, especially when recording. The Crysis Dels allone are pretty high poly and can stress the game a lot. Anyway.. Not too sure if it's actually true but people reported that a high amount of streaming memory is quite crashy thus not really practical. Maybe one of these works well enough without being too excessive: {$CLEO .cs} 0000: NOP //0A8C: write_memory 0x8A5A80 size 4 value 314572800 virtual_protect 1 // 300MB 0A8C: write_memory 0x8A5A80 size 4 value 524288000 virtual_protect 1 // 500MB //0A8C: write_memory 0x8A5A80 size 4 value 1048576000 virtual_protect 1 // 1000MB 0A93: end_custom_thread Oh, and remember the OS and other apps (fraps) want RAM, too. If the overall required memory reaches a high value (depending on how much is installed), the OS might start swapping to the hard disk which slows things down again.
  18. And a nearly complete Marty outfit. Where is your cap?
  19. Oh, dear.. I guessed so. q: Thanks for letting us know.
  20. The thing is, the original creators don't want every idiot's edited version of the mod to be availabe here. Lots of folks just edit some textures with MSPaint and create just terrible trash and call it perfect. This makes the original mod look bad. Especially if it's available here on the original mod's web site. If somebody would ask for permission to share his edited stuff, that would be another story. Anyways, we all know how to use a web search engine. (; EDIT: And thanks for editing your post. I have no idea whatsoever if that modified version is worth downloading or not. Personally, I think it CAN lead to good results if everyone is allowed to do their own thing (which happens on a dayly basis in the webs, anyway) but that's the mod team's decision and we should respect that.
  21. Even IF that is cool stuff (I won't try), posting links to stolen stuff is NOT cool. One could have decided to let everyone share the models and stuff online, publically available on other sites etc also in modified form. But this is not the case! Sorry, but It seems to me you're acting like a disrespectful fool. Remove those links.
  22. The ice 'animation' doesn't seem to have worked in the vid. Does it generally work for you? What about the model-integrated scanner like in that mod on ModDB; Could you possibly just copy/paste that with ZModeler?