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  1. I was in the middle of a house move unfortunately so couldn't find it. Never mind, glad you liked :-)
  2. A few updated photos with the green undercarriage and white hover lights. Soon to add neon rope :-)
  3. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-6RYBq0B-D2k/UqhjazLu1lI/AAAAAAAAEeY/IW9AtdhbShU/w1020-h765-no/IMG_20131207_171525 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-Q37lebe8gH0/UqhjewUvUBI/AAAAAAAAEeg/Ex2RtmblSc4/w1020-h765-no/IMG_20131207_171013 https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-nRMRrMaN1Rg/UqhjwaoxBQI/AAAAAAAAEfA/YhDz8EfI_LY/w1020-h765-no/1386574143323
  4. Cheers for the heads up on the fascia colour Mike!! What a huge difference :-)
  5. A bit of an update. I changed the underbody LEDs to green to simulate the landing lights when the car is in hover mode, along with the hover wheel LEDs soon to be changed to white. Cheers for the heads up Leaf, it was a great idea, but I was a bit too excited at the time to taken on board and positive criticism ;-)
  6. Anyyyyyyyway. It was posted for you guys to enjoy, hope it generally did. Cracking job on the mod! I actually live close to Rockstar in Leeds and will be popping along with it in the new year. If you would like me to pass a message across feel free to drop me a pm. All the best for the new year guys, keep up the excellent work.
  7. All points taken on board. I personally like the darker fascias now that I have seen them in person. As with everything, personal preference I guess but thanks for the paint code, it's great that you shared this with the community. They aren't perfect, but then again why would a car built in Docs garage BE perfect? The LED neon system looks quite cool, perhaps the only point I may investigate in the future but for now, i'm going to enjoy the car given the fact that I've only recently taken delivery of it. The 'edge' over Steves car comment is confusing to say the least.. Now of course everyone takes preference over their own belongings, it's human..but the positives here massively outweigh the negatives with regards to fan pleasing features. It can be controlled wirelessly, has a ton of sound clips including quotes and theme tunes. It also has a full time travel mode when the car reaches 88, where the flux bands and flux capacitor light up whilst playing the time travelling sounds from external speakers. It has an excellent fog machine and rear vent lights also. Steves private and public insults of my 'las vegas style' and 'inaccurate' car along with constant downtalking of the other few time machines in the UK, provide great entertainment for his evergrowing, long list of skeptics. Each and every BTTF car has its flaws, heck, the original cars had the rear bulkhead removed. Who on gods earth would want that living in the UK? Some have genuine neon.. a nice chunky tyre in front of you and 2 minutes later, crack.. along with the prop battery forever on charge, no thank you I can say with certainty that 95% of fans would take the above long list of features over lighter fascias and some minor details that only us hardcore nuts would ever notice.
  8. How are these? ;-) ..and here latest promo! http://youtu.be/wmXGF5k3rV0
  9. Hi guys, I just thought i'd introduce myself as I thought a few of you fellow BTTF fans may be interested in this. I have recently taken delivery of my dream car. See you in the future.....or in the past!
  10. I made one for myself too! Seriously, make me an offer privately buddy :-)
  11. It doesn't, but it makes the sounds from the movie and has a blinking led! Perhaps there will be conversion available in 2015 though from Goldie ;-)
  12. Wow! Shock moment overload. Small world or what :-D
  13. Make me an offer, you never know So do you have a full blown time machine or a standard Delorean Mike? If so, where abouts in the UK are you if you don't mind me asking?