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  1. Possibly the app was removed from the app store / isn't visible anymore because Apple removed 32-bit support with iOS 11 and the app was never updated to 64-bit.
  2. Well, let me explain why I said never. It's rather simple, you can't commercially release someone else's property, even if you mod(ify) it. It's still their property. GTA is Rock* Games's property, and the App Store is a commercial platform. Therefore, it'll never happen that the game with the mod appears on iTunes. It's basically the same reason why music videos on Youtube disappear or get blocked. Someone who doesn't own the rights to the content still published it. Just that on iTunes the order is different, content is first checked by Apple before it's published. Therefore it can't even happen that the modded game slips into the store even just for a brief amount of time before it gets removed. Hence I summarized that with never.
  3. There's a few files that don't fit together. It looks like you didn't install the mod on a clean copy of the game. Please try that and then repeat the steps :-).
  4. Alright, since you again excused on my profile, and since someone else asked nicely via e-mail, I've written a change to the keypad plugin that allows changing the keys used to turn the time circuits on/off and to confirm the input. Download the file attached to this post, extract the files to the mod's directory and open the ini-file. In it you'll find 4 new entries. (It's 2 entries for each function to allow the numpad plus/minus as well as those in the zone with the letters to work.) You can change any of the 2 couples to your liking. Does that solve your issue? timecircuits_1.2.zip
  5. SERIOUSLY, I'll HAPPILY ADD THEM. JUST GIVE ME THE CODE TO ADD CUSTOM KEY BINDS OF AN EXTERNAL PROGRAM INTO THE GAME'S OPTIONS. YOU SAY IT'S SO EASY, SO YOU CAN SURELY DO IT FOR US. What do you expect from such impolite posts? Do you really expect people to help you? No, I don't think that'll work. Instead people will only be annoyed, either ignore you or flame back at you. If you had simply neutrally described your problem - a problem no one of us knows about by the way - you would've gotten a simple answer to a simple problem. I would've even written a quick solution for the keypad plugin so you can change it in the ini file and given it to you. But nope, now I don't feel like it. Too bad I'm a too good person, so I still give you at least a tip: Try adding an English keyboard to the input options in Windows.
  6. No, we ship the source with the download. There's only little advantage if we put it up on Github.
  7. Please use the search before posing a new topic. This has been discussed multiple times already and concluded it sadly isn't possible to implement into this game's engine.
  8. These are nightshade's models. You can find this version of the courthouse square in the first 0.2e release I believe.
  9. It requires lots of changes to the code, it's not an easy task.
  10. Looks like the Police chopper uses these particles. The best we can do is under the game's limitation I'd to try somehow prevent it from being spawned in the first place.
  11. I think he's not exactly referring to HD as resolution, rather he wants to see it in better quality than in that clip :P.
  12. The save feature actually works rather simple afaik. It just dumps the internal memory data from the scripting engine into the save file, including variables. What it doesn't dump though is data stored outside of the script engine memory area, for instance entity data. This includes peds or our vehicles with all their specific properties.
  13. Not directly, no. The cheat engine is built into the exe of the game. It remembers the last keys pressed in a certain memory region. What we do is abuse this memory region to query the last pressed key to use that for the easy key bindings, such as T for the Timetrain's door or C for hover conversion. We have to reset that value though to correctly recognize a change. That's why in normal play cheats don't work. When pausing the game the mission script, where we do most of our programming, is halted. Thus it won't reset the cheat engine's key list, thus cheats still work from there.
  14. That's why we say we can't support savegames and people shouldn't use them .
  15. Yep, but that's inaccessible. Plus, it even causes issues for us. For instance it switches car models around:
  16. I'm cool. Like I said you're free to post them up here so others can find them and use them if they prefer.
  17. There's a difference between truth and opinion and this is a matter of opinion (I'm not denying it could be a truth though). Nobody hate's your models the models you converted, we just say that we prefer ours as @Carlos85G spent lots of time on making them as accurate to the movies as possible (... and required). (Yes, to the movies, not an original stock car.) More polygons or a larger size don't automatically mean a better quality. I can open up paint and draw you a black square. If I now go and size down the black square it doesn't make it lower quality per se, just smaller. If you transfer that analogy to a 3d model, you could make round edges smoother with more surfaces, but it's not worth it if you don't really see it because an old engine is that crude. And about being nice, you're telling people to think, ask for their age and be smart. I'm not sure how other people see it, but I don't find that nice.
  18. Blue Flash, if you want to discuss about it that's fine, that's what these forums are for. But don't become impolite please. I for my part so far held off on giving my opinion because of the expected form of answer. That doesn't really allow for proper discussion. N.B.: We already have streaming memory increased to 512 MB, yet we're having crashes because we're operating this close to the engine's limits. To prevent that we already reduced complexity on car models.
  19. I don't care about it either. I'm just interested in the technical background why it's missing .