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  1. I don't think is a matter of changing languages, because if you look for the blood patch for censored Vice City, you'll notice it's just another executable... http://www.gamershell.com/download_2229.shtml Tried using the VC Limit Adjuster settings that were used for default BttF 0.2f executable on that file, but it crashes while loading collisions. Tried using Vice Cry 1.8 executable too, and it also crashed while loading collisions. Maybe additional changes need to be made with another tool for it to work?
  2. This is a great game, but since it's a GTA mod, I find the lack of blood a bit annoying... However I know that this is accidental. Just wanted to ask the dev team to make a new modified executable based on an uncensored Vice City version, or tell us how to modify an uncensored executable so it can be used to run this mod with blood enabled. Greetings.