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  1. I'm sure 0.2f will be worth the wait. So the micro releases thing....will that be like, as buildings and missions are finished, they're released as patches or updates?
  2. Is the Teaser Trailer soon ready at least? I'm so anxious to see this trailer lol
  3. Since the Destination Time is locked onto 2013, that signifies that 0.2F will be released sometime before the end of the year. The month and day are unknown as of yet.
  4. 0.2f will be done when it is done. Rushing is what caused 0.2e to be a failure since they didn't thoroughly test it for potential bugs. 0.2f is going to be much more stable from what I've heard. However, I believe they are attempting to shoot for a 2013 release though. No guarantee on it though, so don't hold them to that.
  5. They are trying to shoot for a 2013 release, according to the first post in this topic. But they aren't guaranteeing that. It will be done when it is done.
  6. They are apparently shooting for a Spring 2013 release, but nothing has been promised.
  7. This mod will definitely be worth the wait. I look forward to it's release.
  8. Trance, I must say, this is definitely very impressive! I look forward to being able to download this!
  9. Liam once again never fails to impress. Looking forward to the entire square being finished!
  10. Wow!!! This is truly outstanding! Never have I ever seen such detailed models in a GTA game, or any game for that matter!! This mod is truly amazing!!! I am looking forward to this being released!!
  11. OMG! FCB 1986!! :w00tdance: :w00tdance: :w00tdance: :w00tdance: :w00tdance:
  12. Don't listen to him Doc! It's ME you gotta help! If you wanna save Mike and the BTTF forums!
  13. Never mind. I got it working. Something that SAMI was doing wrong. I manually installed it, and it works fine now. And I must say, Trance. You did an AWESOME job converting these models. Could we see a FCB 1986 map in the future?
  14. Still doesn't work. Crashes after loading. (SA Version) It's something with the map. I uninstalled it, and the game loaded right up