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  1. What strikes me as odd is that the Hill Valley Town Square, according to your post, won't be completed until January 2015. Are you referring to all eras of the town square or just the 1955 one?
  2. It seems like it. Whether you like their products or not, they are certainly brilliant marketers. Brilliant enough to make those hoards of zombies continue to pay hundreds of dollars to get shiny pieces of aluminum.
  3. Got it for the iPod Touch. It just crashes and lags incessantly. $5 down the drain...
  4. Simply jaw-dropping. Hope to see a brief overall update on the 26th!
  5. I think Thyncho88 brings out an excellent point. Will K1092000's new 2015 police car and Jennifer's dad's AMC station wagon be featured in 0.2f? I believe that Mike did say on the post mentioning the new 2015 police car that it would be released in 0.2f but it does not mention it on the progress post.
  6. Wow. I am simply at a loss for words. It's simply amazing the amount of details that LGisby uses for the buildings. He puts the same kind of detail on buildings that most people usually reserve for modeling cars! Simply beautiful. And I must say that the positioning of the buildings and everything are just perfect. I simply must congratulate LGisby and Dragon King for such great work. It also makes me wonder how the fourth road behind the clock tower will look, seeing as how it was never seen in the movies. I'm certain it will look just as great though. Anyway, it's too bad that bttf29's work. Although perhaps maybe someone like Trancelikestate could release a 1986 Marty or something. Anyway, just great work. I do have another question, and sorry if it's a bit too early to ask, but is it possible to add pre-rendered cutscenes in place of the real time cutscenes in GTA? Because if you could, maybe you could bypass all the stress of animating and use something like Antics3D, which looks quite similar to renderware. Any, sorry if I should have posted a new topic on that. I'm kind of new to the concept of the forum. Anyway, thank you all for responding, I didn't think I would see pictures. I'm sure once those are in gallery maybe more people would gain some hope and excitement instead of just moping.
  7. Greetings to the members of the forum of this fantastic mod! I suppose one could say that I am new here, although I have been scourging this forum for quite some time, attempting to find some form of a trace of the future. Anyway, for a brief introduction, I have been watching the Back to the Future trilogy since the age of four, and have watched each movie at least 8 times on VHS. So I've basically always been quite a fan of the movies. My apologies for dragging the point, as I know it's rather frustrating. Anyway, for my first question, I have observed that there may not have been a simple clear progress update on the game for quite some time, and I was merely wondering if the administrators could post some form of an update on the mod on October 26. Nothing like pictures or videos, as I know that those are rather time consuming to produce, and that much of your work may not be quite ready. However, I believe that a simple status update by one of the administrators, i.e. delorean88us or Mike, would certainly raise more interest within the mod again. Do not construe my request as asking when it will be done, as I understand that many personal troubles could rise, in effect halting the production of the mod. I am certainly not rushing anyone, for I would honestly wait another 15 years for 0.2f. However, a simple progress update on October 26 will certainly renew interest in the mod. For my second question (Again I apologize for creating two topics; I strive for a more unified post), I was wandering about the forums, attempting to come across some form of a hint that would indicate a replacement for that rather crude, ungainly current player model when I came across I believe a former member of the mod team who had produced a rather excellent player model of Marty McFly - one that did not make one lead to the conclusion that Biff Tanen had successfully run over Marty on his skateboard. Now I am not insulting the creator of the skin for Marty as I understand that the model of Tommy Vercetti is ill suited to be anything akin to Marty McFly. In fact, as a skin, it is quite well made. However, it is not quite right. For those of you who by now are yawning over a cup of steaming coffee, my apologies. I realize that my post has been rather long and perhaps lacking in structure. To the mod team, I wish to thank you for this great mod, and to everyone, I would like to thank for reading this "essay".