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  1. darn ok partner thanks for all your help though.
  2. Thank you partner for the awsome info that really explains alot is there a way i can make it where the game could do more than 25 swaps if possible.
  3. or can you send me a link on the internet where i can lear more about defining models for building swaps
  4. ok I tried the vice city limit adjusters and when i try to add to definne models at the top of .scm it still crashes what do i need to adjust on limit adjuster so i can define more models
  5. thanks man for the help i really appreciate it i installed vc limit adjuster 2.0 im going to see if this works actually to me this version of the game is awsome hill valley is more detailed and theres more in this version,i think the guy rodri did a great job.
  6. I wonder is there a way to increase the limit on how many models you can put in define model at the top of the scm.
  7. actually i figured it out finally the scm will only load 220 models i had to delete some models in order to get the ones i needed to swap during time travel i finally got it the null is irrelevent it has to do with making sure you dont go over the limit on model defining all i had to do was put the model i wanted to define in and then write the opcode for building swap works good now.
  8. actually i loaded 3 null commands and that part worked the 1985 station to null and the modern overhang to null in 1955 era and the 55 gas station to null in 1985 era so thats 3 null commands i added into scm.
  9. what im trying to do like i did for the gas is put the lh_pizzaplace building in the delorean map where the diner is on mapeditor it looks like 2 buildings i the same place just like i did the gas station i tried to put in the line for 1985 03B6: replace_model_at where the building is i put in the map over the diner radius 80.0 from #1955diner1 to #NULL like I did for the gas station but it doesnt work the game will not load and i know it should work because i was able to do the same thing for the gas station if i was able to do it for the gas station why cant i do it for the 1955diner1 with the lh_pizzaplace building i have put over it.it should work.
  10. i figured it sorry about that lol,here is some screenshots of my changes using rodri bttf mod 0.2e version 5.0 as you can see in 1985 i changed the gas station by using the 1955gas1 to #null command and i changed the txds of the 1985 courthouse to make it look more older and dirty like it appeared in the first dmovie also i changed the 2015 courthouse to look like it has a new makeover.tell me what you think,im trying to get more buildings swapped i was able to swap the gas station but i would like to swap the 1955diner for the lh_pizzaplace building i would like to put the pizzahut building where the diner is for 1985 or 2015 any help would be appreciated i was able to do it for the gas station i should be able to do it for the other buildings too.
  11. is there a way i can upload my screenshots the picture size is too big for me to upload on here
  12. sure thing i will upload them asap also the game is bttf hv 0.2e v5.o it was made by bttfmods whoever made this did a very good job .all i did was find a way to change the texaco gas station and i changed the txds of the 1985,and 2015 courthouses.
  13. also i would like to add that i changed the textures of the courthouse for 1985 to make it look older like it did i the movie and it looks a hell of alot better than any version i have seen released just a thought for you guys
  14. AWSOME thank you so much,where can this be downloaded on the 12th and what will be in the mod this is the first i have heard of it.