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  1. Hey guys, Is this project on GitHub? Wasn't sure if the goal is trying to be more opensource.
  2. Sorry haven't responded. I didn't get a notication that someone replied to this haha.....whoops! I've messed around with the VC engine before and with the help of Mike i was able to get the time travelling KITT working before.
  3. Hey guys, I know i was highly active in the forum a while back, but every since college, I've left for a good while. I'm back now and was willing to help out this mod. I understand the concepts of OOP and have some real world experience in Java and C++ programming (with a little python experience). Any way I can help would be awesome.
  4. Don't got the time because tonight the sale ends and i will not have the money for it once it goes back to its normal pricing. i've already schedule everything and need to get that case now
  5. hey guys, Idk where should i put this but i have started buying parts for a custom i am building and need to find a new case because Newegg does not have it at this point in time. If you want to see the the parts i am buying talk to me and see if you can help me out on this problem thats the case i wanted but need to find something similar to it but still a mid