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  1. Sorry for my last post being a repeat of other ones, I'm new to these fourms. I looked to see if someone may have mentioned this one but didn't find anything... when Twin pines/Lone Pine Mall gets put into the game for 2015 will you model it after what it looks like now but keep the sign with the clock? or do you have other plans? If you haven't seen what it looks like now the main difference is that most of the stores changed:
  2. Would it be possible for the game to record your every move at certain times so that when you back to those times you will find yourself there doing what you were doing at that time?
  3. Just today I made like six Delorean time machines, used RC mode to send them all to the same exact date and time and then used another time machine to send me to that date and time and we all got there at the same time, it was like a mob of Deloreans.