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  1. yeah, it was quite unstable, but that was the purpose to have everyone test it. It got pushed to 0.2f, but then features got added and models put in. And since I left, the bugs left in the code seem to have remained.
  2. I've been a bit disappointed tbh by the lack of updates after I left. Up until 0.2e, I tried to give it a release every few months just so the mod wouldn't seem dead, but it seems like the focus now is to have a full Hill Valley in before the next release. Not really saying that the team hasn't done anything. They've done a lot since I left in terms of getting Hill Valley in, but there is a lack of a vision for what 0.2f should really be, and there's nothing really on how the rest of Hill Valley should look like. Hill Valley needs some creativity to fill in the blanks that were not shown, as I had no idea what the layout was supposed to be like back then and still don't know today. If it were up to me again, I would have pushed Hill Valley to a later release and released the new code changes, ex: roger's train, doc's truck, etc, instead of waiting for a Hill Valley to pop up. I think the team should have asked the community whether they wanted to wait for the new map, or just to play with the new features. But as many of you know, I've been out of the loop for a while, so take my words with a grain of salt.
  3. When I play games like FFXIV, Batman, GTAV, its hard to go back to the dated 3d models. 2d is fine for some reason. Probably because it looks cleaner than the muddied textures and lack of shaders during the early 3d days. It's nothing special. Doesn't do the same things as SA that I need.
  4. No doubt about that. I remember checking in last year and seeing new stuff for the games. But its not enough to pull me back in. The graphics engine is pretty dated and ENB can't save it. And the stupid attach object stuff that doesn't lend too well to animations in VC. I'm more for indie games these days rather than modding.
  5. I did consider moving it all to SA once the VC mod was mostly finished, but I left, so those plans were unfinished. Now, I wouldn't really want to come back to GTA modding as its not the friendliest game to mod, and I think the new GTA's with the new engine make it even harder to move the stuff forward. I did poke around unity for a bit, but nothing really came out of it.
  6. Those were the fun days. I think it was more fun to see how much I could push the engine back then. It was great seeing how it started from my little mod with the fire trails to what it is in 0.2e. Though I think my favorite is still 0.2d if I remember correctly. I'm kinda sad to see that it hasn't really gotten that much progress since I left and no releases since I last uploaded 0.2e on the net, but at least there's a lot of other smaller mods out there which is nice to see. Good to see you around ricardo. I'm more of a lurker these days as well.
  7. If college hadn't ended and prevented me from going to work, I would have had some form of 0.2f release with bug fixes (big thing here) and whatever new coding features that don't require models in it. Looking back, the TC mod was a very big endeavour. Modding a time travelling delorean in was a lot easier to do and maintain in retrospect. I think both teams just lacks the manpower and time to finish the game. I would like to continue, but for me, work and money comes first so I can make a living, and I'd rather have free time to do some of things I like to do. Btw....we have a facebook page?!
  8. Ugh, don't remind me of how ugly the coding was. I didn't have much formalities in coding as I do now, and it was basically all assembly with words to help figure out what each opcode does. Its easier now with the new tools, but back in 0.1, that was the only choice. With SB and CLEO, some high level functionality was added in. If I had a choice, I would have used that to develop.
  9. It was mostly time issues on my end. I couldn't give enough time to support the mod anymore. I was also using a c++ injection made a very long time ago that wasn't really used by much, and as such had bugs in it that had never been tested for. I have no idea what the state of programming is for gta these days, but that was the case back then.
  10. " width="600px" height="361px">" />" width="600px" height="361px" allowFullScreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" /> source: http://www.autoblog.com/2012/03/13/r-c-fly...snt-need-roads/
  11. I really should have kept those vents lighted and just added the glow effects for forward movement. Oh well. I agree with you about the front coils being too obvious in being made of a bead of lights, but it was the best I could do with the particle limit. SA had a higher limit so I was able to hide it better in that game using more textures. Glad to see someone who noticed and fixed it. The flames should be glowing anyway since they're supposed to be spent plasma, though since I haven't played it in years, it looks the same to me. Good work!
  12. I forget if I put it into gta, but I did the movie error code way back....
  13. Looking really good. Oh the nostalgia!
  14. its because of camhack that we don't bother doing it
  15. problem again is the engine. The way the engine is, parts of the car will be cut off and it'll look like you're driving half a car.
  16. Its not a good request. Its an ok request. I've actually seen it before. You won't believe how many requests are repeats of old ones. Never bothered with it because the fix was a handling line change. I believe for bikes, it is at 99, but just change it to like 5 and it'll float. Such a trivial thing is not that good of a request, and it does not impact gameplay much.
  17. because sometimes there might be requests that are actually good and we would want to use them. Unfortunately, most of them are the circlejerking type of requests on stuff thats already in but people want to change it. I however, have not seen a good requests since the pre-0.2d days.
  18. People need to stop using "it saves coding space" as an excuse. Something tiny as this doesn't matter. The really big stuff is what matters, like entirely new features, not mods of current ones. And if you want even more rage wondering when you'll time travel, try it on sand. Might be stuck at 88 for quite a while.
  19. Yes we did and I did point out a few places where the effects started before 88 in both 1 and 2 where you hear the sounds kick in before 88. But anyway, its just pointless banter and I'd rather use the time on other stuff rather than something thats inconsistent. Just pick one to go by.
  20. it was wav last i check. All those burg_01.wav files and whatnot.
  21. actually, I lied. VC also has some mp3's in it due to the c++ hook.
  22. no, they're wav files in vc and mp3 in sa.