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  1. but, dinamic effects aside, we could have a view of the time circuits and mph counter (static) and the steering wheel. i mean, watching the time travel effects from the drivers view, something like this pherhaps,
  2. the other day i was watching bttf when i realized that there is no view in the mod from inside the car. i think it could be a good idea. instead of having the mph counter on the bottom right of the screen, you could have an inside view of the delorean. i tried the camhack program but it didnt work on the delorean. just an idea good luck
  3. i know the game is cartoonie, and i know what kind of games telltale makes, but i was hoping that a more,how to put this, serious or experienced developer to take up such an expected franchise. maybe its just me, but i wanted something a little more accurate to what the characters or the delorean looks like
  4. i dont think so, those delorean models look awfull compared to those in the mod. they look way too cartoonie. those in your mod are the real thing