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  1. Thanks Mike I have a look at the latest posts here every now and then. I always was more of a lurker. I spent a lot of time with this mod and the forums all those years ago. So it will always be special to me. How are things going around here? Excuse me Leaf, I don't remember you, did you go by a different name?
  2. This mod started development over 7 years ago. Every single release was published within the first 2 years. (it felt longer than that) It's interesting to see it's apparently still in development.
  3. http://www.bttf.com/forums/back-future-gam...html#post195924 3 years ago keeper made that post. While keeper has nothing really to do with the mod, he announced it. And it sort of evolved from there.
  4. To clear things up, in my message i meant I liked TimeTrains frame things, nothing to do with videos.
  5. I like TimeTrains, I think having more than just the vehicles gives a better feel of BTTF. Plus the original VC intro had things like Sharks and such, just to give the Beachy Miami feel. Anyway, I'm glad this intro is being done properly This is what I wanted to do when I first started editing Dels vid, but I was lazy and slacked off.
  6. http://s275.photobucket.com/albums/jj292/bttfhillvalley/?action=view¤t=GTAtitles.mp4
  7. No. You see its a magical time car, it was never created so it does not need to obey the laws of physics. Magic.
  8. lol, yeah. Nice idea, I should have done something like that, although I guess I didn't really want to make it too complicated. And yeah, you just made me realize that I accidentally did change something, the state of his motorcycle... I guess my explanation will be that it wasn't his motorcycle. As we see in part 2 he left his in Ravenholdm. And also, if we assume that the old man he steals the delorean off, is the same man he goes with back to the future; then the delorean is infinite, and it was not created, it simply exists. It also means it will not interfere with any future story, as we see its whole existence, except a brief time when the old man has it...
  9. First off, you should probably watch the original videos if you haven't already Anyway those hilarious videos were by DJY1991, and were making fun of the fanfics of the same name, made by SquirellKing. So anyway, number 2 had an open ending, leaving me and many other people wanting more. Unfortunately, SquirellKing hasn't written number 3 yet, and has only written a spinoff, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NiCYPrAoB8. So yeah, until squirellking writes a third one, there won't be a canonical third video. So thats why I made this Oh and you can watch it in HD
  10. Ricardodude... Haven't we had this topic a bunch of times before?
  11. Ricardodude

    My poasters

    Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.
  12. I think this game would be good on a touch device.
  13. SketchUp is awesome, it's so easy to make stuff, just make the shape, then drag it up. Need a hole? Drag it through. Need to follow a path? Drag it along a line.