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  1. Yeah they were beautiful in a "didn't have time to build it to scale or to paint it" kinda way... LOL
  2. Actually the music in the movie has the same pitch as what you get on CD/MP3 ect., unless your in a PAL country watching the DVD. In a PAL country, DVD's run at 25fps or 50 fields if interlaced, which DVD usually is. However all film runs at 24fps, so what do they do? they speed up the film from 24fps to 25fps to make sure the frames fit in sync with the DVD frames, this is about a 4% speed up from the original playback, In sony vegas when im editing the movie for something, if i wanna bring the audio down to its original 24fps pitch, i either slow the audio down by -0.679 semitones in Vegas, or i grab the whole video/audio and physically slow it down from 25fps to 24fps, this may be different in other software though. the reason NTSC playback in America and in other countries successfully reproduces the 24fps (or in this case 23.976fps) is explained here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telecine#2:3_pulldown This is why i was a bit disapointed when i got the bluray, the bluray can accuratly playback the 24fps no matter what country your in, if you lived in an NTSC country then you would notice no difference in playback speed, if you live in PAL country however like me, then the jump from DVD to Bluray felt disapointing cos all the action scenes were slower, when in fact that's how the movie should have sounded and looked in the first place in cinemas.
  3. actually not correct....it was my idea to limit the digital speedometer to 88...but if u look at the analog speedo it keeps going well above 88...this is because in the films i have come to the conclusion that doc must have limited the digital speedo to 88 since if you look at every single TT in the movie the speedo NEVER goes above 88 now it would be really hard to accelerate away from the lybians and then stop directly on 88 to time travel...never going above or below... my point is....the cars speed isnt limited....the digital readout is....
  4. Dont worry about that, you can get it in game no problem just make sure all your hiarachy is correct and it should be fine
  5. why not grab the video footage of the scanner and make a new gif?
  6. you know it's weird, every couple of months or so we get another person who wants to help make this mod go faster or posts there opinion on how the mod team can be made better (im not knocking you ReeceMix, your well spoken and have good strong opinions) but the fact is no matter which way you say it, we are all asking the same questions over and over again. for example "why are you guys taking so long......i can help.....i can model......you should do this......do that......?" answer "the mod team has lives...yada yada yada.....can't be on the mod 24/7......show us what you can do.......blah blah blah....." (im not mocking the mod team BTW, just summing up what they say to everyone) Then we go on to have about 2 or 3 pages of discussion about updates and stuff, in which then the topic is closed.....then.....couple of months later, someone makes a new topic about how they can help and suggestions on how the mod team can improve models or work faster and the whole freaking cycle starts all over again...... so if i can make a suggestion obviously the problem is communication, obviously the mod team have lives and obviously they can't be on the computer all the time working on models or posting updates to patient fans, so i suggest that the mod team have someone on the team precisely for that job, almost like a messenger, this person must have the following: a lot of time on there hands don't go out that much spend most of there time on the pc are completely devoted to the mod like informing the public and is well spoken to sum up in a nutshell...we need someone who DOES NOT HAVE A LIFE......which in this group....shouldn't be hard to find......LOLOLOL.....but in all seriousness there are people like that out there...and you would be surprised how many people would do this for the mod team...it's just the question of whether they can do it properly by doing this, it will allow the mod team to still have a life, and at the same time keep the public well informed with all goings on in the mod team...whats been finished.....whats been started....down to every last detail...even if it's just changing the color of a wall....any news about the mod is better then none... this is just my two cents, once again I'm not putting anyone down here...just trying to find a solution that pleases everyone.
  7. "Henry V - St Crispin's Day" Same music used in the actual Australia Trailer, except I sort of revamped, reedited and redubed with "whisp" sounds and "thump" sounds to give it that epic trailer sort of feel
  8. cool..thanks for clearing that up for me guys and girls....BTW here is Version 2!!.....LOLOL
  9. a parody means a "take off" of it doesn't it? i mean parody's don't have to be funny right?
  10. base.....you know...base and treble..."tinny" and "BOOM BOOM".....the trailer sounds crap with really "tinny" speakers, if you have a subwoofer it sounds great cos it puts a lot more base into the soundtrack...which is what i based the trailer on...BASE...
  11. i thought i'd post this here, since obviously its BTTF related, you can also view it on my channel on youtube or on my facebook. it's a parody trailer for BTTF 3 with an Australia trailer tied into it...sounds crappy....wait till you see the trailer! Hope you enjoy watching, i shore enjoyed making it...
  12. i thought i'd post this here, since obviously its BTTF related, you can also view it on my channel on youtube or on my facebook. it's a parody trailer for BTTF 3 with an Australia trailer tied into it...sounds crappy....wait till you see the trailer! Hope you enjoy watching, i shore enjoyed making it...
  13. um...apart from the fact it is gonna be removed in 0.2f anyway...THERE IS A BUTTON! push enter, control, left click or whatever button you have as your action button, to skip the mission intro, but you have to push it within i think 8 seconds of the intro starting, after that it has been disabled, and some other things... 1. get your facts straight and find out anything you need to know before you start complaining 2. "any normal video game?" LOL, look at telltale BTTF, if you want to skip a cutscene, you have to click the mouse a bazillion times....and that is a normal game.....so your argument is invalid 3. A. it's not a video...its a cutscene animation B. it takes a while to code something like that so im pretty sure you would be unable to do something like that. GOD i hate it when people don't think forth dimensionally...