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  1. "telegraph poles"? What year do you think you were in? haha
  2. I think the game should have less to do with the movies and more to do with, how many beers it took to get throught the list.
  3. " width="600px" height="361px">" />
  4. no, it's ready to go. I think it starts the other mission in the vid, if I reamember right, idk. geuss you'll have to wait to find out.
  5. great news K!. I pesonally am excited for this one. sorry to here about your accident though.
  6. guys of the forum, I'm in need of some skins of biff's gang members from 1955. if you feel you can help, please do. here's what I need. 3D: needs to be made from the IGDIAZ template. Matches: needs to be made from the IGGONZ template. Skin Head: needs to be made from the IGJEZZ template. thanks in advance for your help
  7. remove the word "possible", I think it's the one.
  8. it's not a code issue, it's a object issue.
  9. oh, were not, ok. *throws everything away*
  10. Missions will come as soon as I write them, and I will write them just in time for 0.4. Hows that for a timeline.
  11. That because the code is telling the vehicle to open the trunk. Mr.Fusion was modeled as the trunk of the deloreans.
  12. in the main.scm, the code will be written Example: if the year is 1955, these buildings will load buildingA buildingB buildingC buildingD buildingE and so on................... Example: if the year is 2015, these buildings will load buildingW buildingX buildingY buildingZ and so on...................
  13. girls, play nice, I will call your mother.
  14. Looks good mark, little tall but it's good! keep it up!