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  1. I dunno if this has already been mentioned or if this is the right post to mention it but i got an idea for the ride mission, how to make it more realistic and how it cud b done etc... would it be possible to "teleport" the delorean every time u time travel in the mission? ok if u can then how about making little maps from the real ride (prehistoric, hv 2015 blah blah blah...) u cud place under the main map if tht wudnt crash the game or anything, altho knowin the game enigine it probably wud, anyway when u time travel u are spawned at a certain location in these hidden maps and carry on chasing biff until u hav to time travel again etc..... wot d'ya think ? Woops wasn't meant to create a new post, oh well
  2. Thanks lol, nd sorry if i didnt point out the whole keys thingy earlier
  3. I noticed someone mentioned modding the MAIN.SCM file to make the plutonium in the mall car park, i'd just like to know how they did it? any help would be appreciated, thank you!
  4. read the end... it says doc left his keys in the delorean the whole time... a mistake at first, thn i left it to add to the humor ive edited it now anyway:)
  5. this has probably been mentioned befor, id b suprised if it hasn't but if it has feel free to delete this... I think there should be a mission for the DMC13... Part 1 In The Beggining: Oct 25 2008 22:00 Marty gets a call on his cell phone, its doc. Doc: Marty! Is that you? Marty: Yeh of course its me doc! Doc: Sorry Marty, Im trying to be discreet, you see, ive made a breakthrough in the history of time travel, and i need someone i can trust to be with me to share this moment. Marty: OK, so what is it? Doc: Never mind that, never mind that now. Just meet me at the Twin Pines Mall at 12 0'clock midnight tonight! Got to go now, ill see you tonight! Marty: OK Doc see you then. (Doc hangs up) Marty: Dejavu! You can drive around for 2 hours or you can time travel straight to midnight or whatever if you want... Part 1 Find a car and drive to the mall. On arrival at the mall a cutscene takes place showing Marty skating to the mall sign and looking over at Doc's truck. He sees a leaflet showing a lightning strike of the tower at the airport on th same day as the clock tower just 2 hours later. He puts it in his pocket. Marty: Double Dejavu -Cutscene- Marty skates down to Doc's van and trys to find Doc when suddenly the back of the van opens up, smoking, and reveals the DMC13 delorean roling out of the back...Doc steps out of the car and greets Marty Doc: Marty, you made it. Marty: Yeh, so what is it? Doc: This is the big one Marty, the one ive been waiting for all my life! Marty: Yeh, well its a (pauses) Delorean? Doc: Its called the DMC 13 Delorean, its from the future, it also has a hover conversion. Marty: The Future? Doc: Wait Marty, please, all your questions will be answered soon.... (pause) Marty: Doc? Doc: Damn Marty: What Doc: Damn Damn Marty: What What Doc: Ive only gone and left the keys to the Delorean in my office, how could i possibly forget? Marty: No matter Doc, ill go get 'em Doc: No Marty, im afraid i could only get them, i have a finger print activated key system, Im the only one who can get in... Ill be right back. Doc runs into the van and drives of... Marty: OK Doc!... Wow im bored...Hmmm... looks like Doc left his keys in the car. Marty gets in the car to look around. Marty: I wonder how fast this can go... Hmmmm... (Marty starts the engine and starts driving making sure he doesnt put the time circuits on) (Marty starts making race car noises, in his excitement, he accidentaly knocks the time circuirts lever to on but doesnt notice) Marty Accelerates the car to 88mph just as Doc gets back, Doc looks in Horror as Marty Teleports Back or Forward in time! Doc: Damn Damn Damn!!! -Cutscene- Delorean arrives and steams but keeps on driving. Not realising hes time traveled yet, Marty drives to the clock tower and is almost smashed into by a silvery sports car. The second car swurves and almost crashes into a building, a figure gets out of the car and punches the bonnet of his car! Wondering why the figure looks so angry, Marty looks at the clock tower, the clock says 10:03pm, as he stares at the clock it strikes 10:04 and the sound of thunder strikes as lightning hits the clock tower. Marty looks at the time circuits, which say November 12th 1955 10:04pm, as he realises he has travelled back in time, he looks to the figure and realises hes prevented himself from travelling back to the future! Past Marty trys to punch (player) Marty, but he runs away and gets into the DMC13, he speeds off and travels back into 2008. Part 2 As he arrives in 2008, hes shocked to find himself fading away, but carrys on driving. Mission: to find Doc and get him to help you get yourself (past) back to the future! You must first hide the DMC13, You must then go to the Clock Tower, go inside and use the public phone, after looking up docs name, you must run out and find his house, when youve found his house a cutscene starts of you telling Doc your situation... Marty: Doc! Doc! please open the god damn door!!! Doc: Marty? what are you doing here? Marty: i need your help! Doc: What can i do for you? Marty: In the DMC13 time machine, i travelled back to 1955 and accidentaly stopped myself from going back to 1985 and now im stuck there... Doc: But you here... Marty: NO the other me. Doc: But this isn't possible, time travel doesn't exist, i havent built a time machine. Marty: What? Doc: When you didnt go to 1985, i gave up and settled down from science to lead a more social life. I thought no point... Marty was stuck and that was final and by the time i could have got plutonium, he wouls've been in his own time anyway. Marty: I have a time machine. Doc: but.... Marty: no time! we have to go now ! Marty and Doc go to 1955 and arrive at the clock tower at 10:03 where they see the past DMC13 hit the 1985 del, when Marty suddenly remembers the leaflet he picked up earlier, he opens it up and tells Doc about it. As past Marty stomps to Marty (Player) in Anger, (player) Marty shows the leaflet to past Marty... he looks confused and silently until he agrees to go through with it if he can Part 3 Mission is to pick up parts for the experiment and get them to Doc in a time limit. Part 4 You can wait 2 hours or time travel there using the DMC 13. You arrive at the airport and see the 1985 del on the runway ready for time travel with cables attatched to the control tower ect, and with only 3:00 mins to go until del 1985 needs to drive, Marty (player) is a bit excited when suddenly, a lightning bolt strikes a nearby helicopter in the sky which causes it to fly towards the 1985 del as you hear the alarm for it to go ring! Mission: use the DMC13 and your flying skills to try to move the copter, when you see the pilot is uncoscious! You must "intercept" the copter and fly it to safety, when something else is wrong, the wire connectiong to the control tower has snapped! Doc screams with Horror! Now you must fly to the wire, connect it to the car and fly to the top of the tower and connect it before the 1985 del hits the wire! But as the lightning hits the wire a spark fly into the Mr.Fusion and sends the DMC13 back to the future(2008) Mission Accomplished!!!!! -Cutscene- Doc Arrives back and moans... Doc: What a waste of time, i left the keys in the car all along, somebody could have taken the car and gone on all kind of crazy adventures while i was gone... oh well... i trust you Marty... Marty: Hehe yeh END MY bloody god its long and i didnt notice til i previewed the post. o well....... hope u like it!
  6. finally, an idea i hav tht no one calls retarded (like Mike did) lol
  7. Sorry if i seem a bit annoying openin another topic, but is it possible to somehow enter the clocktower (like the police station) and walk around, maybe go to the top and see all the clokworks and stuff... tht'd b neat!
  8. I dont know what section this would b in but o well... i hav an idea, how about if the delorean travels to 2050 or further then the whole city is a desert with buried buildings, and (if possible) there are tanks flying that shoot at you when you go too close, there could also be army men walkin about and the buildings are smoking and on fire too id b happy to model it, altho i cant import it... o well hope you like it!