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  1. i completed it, but cant do tje bonus levels as i need it on the site (i played the rest of the normal levels on a different site ) why you ask? controls were glitched lol
  2. errr, i would like to replace VC with SA map dont have SA, close enough to it lol
  3. or he switched them on, and didnt hit it again? how would he switch them off, the leaver was vertical, there was no way he could have domne it accidently, unless your a glitched man
  4. Marty woke up at like the middle of the day, simple error on the movie part lol he stayed there all day before going to Hill Valley the next day to find doc....
  5. well, here is what i think: 1. the del could have picked up some 'dirt'or 'gravel' from its journey to 1955 2. upgrading the del made the TC malfunction 3. your forgetting that only the micro-processor in the TC failed when it was struck, not the time circuits themselves, and the micro-processor was rebuilt as a macro-processor by 1955 doc 4. the TC AM and PM were reversed when the upgrade happened, and the malfuntion sent doc back to 1885 when he accidently activated them 5. the TC were still malfuntioning when the M-P was replaced
  6. actually, marty and the del originated in a different timeline altogether from the beginning of movie 1, they wont be affected, unless BTTF is glitched lol the doc should have been, as should have Jennifer and Einstein, infact, everything that didnt go back in the first film should have been eraased, Martya dn the del are safe, the doc isnt lol
  7. omg, the graphics on the Del are so mint, and no, this isnt the first time ive seen GTA IV lol
  8. so, whats the code for making the value of the Del higher?
  9. its just i would like my Del stolen because it would make more interesting game-play if its not possible, i will cry lol
  10. ok, not every car i ran into was stolen, but at some point, the car that was replaced by the Del would have been stolen and the value could have been changed so it never appears on streets and nobody would steal it, as the value was low methinks anyway
  11. lol, possibly it seems the value could have that effect, as all cars are basically stolen on GTA:VC anyway, but with the BTTF mod, the DeLorean has replaced,whatever cars and addaed things, but it seems no criminal is interested lol i suspect it could be true
  12. well, couldnt i heard in another topic, or read for that matter, that the cars can be djusted to make their value higher, thereby making more likely to be stolen
  13. How do I do it? i understand that it can be adjusted in the main.scm unfortunatly, i cant do it, since i dont have Sanny Builder anymore, coz the one I got required San Andreas
  14. how can i make someone steal my DeLorean time machine? lol, its a great idea