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  1. I have been following this mod from the beginning. I appreciate everything you guys are doing. I know this mod isn't dead. There is far too much work that went into it, just to kill it. I have, and always have had, faith. Keep up the good work.
  2. Me too! and no doubt...this IS the best one i have ever seen. lego's are expensive, I would see this one going for upwards of $100.00 or more. i would pay it though, lol. but we all have to go over to that site and "support" it!!!!!!!!!
  3. http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/13443 for the love of fudge. we all need to go to this website and "support" this lego model. if it gets 10,000 "supports" it's quite possible that it will become a reality (for sale). The delorean time machine is already a reality. it just recently received it's 10,000 "supports" and LEGO is now making it a reality. there are sooooooooo many members to this site, all we have to do is all go on over and vote. WE CAN DO IT. this would be awsome!!!!!!!!!
  4. oh yeah. Diamond Select made the flux capacitor. Whoops. lol. but at anyrate, I still don't see how these prop replicas cost so much. They don't cost that much to make.
  5. I wonder what they meant by "such a high price item". How much could this really cost to make. I say twenty bucks, max. Why do they charge so much for their replicas. The flux capacitor is no where near movie acurate and its like $250.00. Although, its made of metal and lights up and stuff. The hover board is just a piece of painted wood. Why would that cost a lot. IDK.
  6. Plus the "smoke" is coming from the front of the DeLorean. The engine is in the back, DUH!! lol
  7. I still say the police car is some kind of weird shade of metalic green, LOL. :-P
  8. Great looking!!! Only the 2015 Police car is a dark dark dark green. Not black
  9. Okay...Got my first episode, installed it. tried to run it. and a window comes up asking me for my telltale username and password. I entered my user name and password, and it won't let me play. It keeps saying that the username and password are wrong. but I know its right cause this is what i use to log onto the telltale site. help
  10. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I registered for the "Free Episode 1", and we all know that they said it won't be available till Feb., right???. Well why did i get an email that said "your game is available for download now". I downloaded it, and everything is cool. Everyone that registered for the free game should check their emails.
  11. Ugh ! For the love of all thats decent and holy. The title of his post was "anti-matter chopsticks". This refers to an episode of "Red Dwarf", where the guys boarded a ship where a "being", called legion lived. He had some anti-matter chopsticks for them to use at dinner. They didn't know how to use them and hijinks insued, LOL.
  12. Gary Weaver is the best person to get a conversion car from . www.bttfparts.com
  13. If this isn't an April Fools Joke, I'm probably going to kill myself. Thats right!! Watch the news tomorrow, cause I'll be on it. " Man jumps off Empire State Building because his life long dream of having a back to the future game was crushed". Do you really want to have that on your concience