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  1. I noticed the bttf 2 error when I was watching just the other day, and there is also a video somewhere (and of course you can see it in the movie) when in bttf 1 when Biff takes some jelly beans at the Mcfly house the jar was full then in the next shot it was half empty.
  2. Ohai. So how is the time in the SA mini mod realtime? I'm guessing it is one of the cleo scripts, maybe speed or date, but if it is does anyone know which one? Because I need realtime for an unmodded version of SA
  3. Which would you rather have and why. The delorean or the time train? I would rather have the time train cuz i think it looks cooler and i like the way its old.
  4. btw what is hill vallet? never heard of it.
  5. hey mike seems he gonna fk u at ure house in ure delorean
  6. and there was me thinking you guys were joking about the virus i know someone that is advanced enough to hack crimmint (english police computer system) and even almost got into the fbi xD he sent someone a virus before.
  7. lol,i liked the tardis and lightsaber one. he delorean one was funniest though.
  8. i guess im wrong here and someone pleae explain to me but if you post something of your own work on the internet its anyones for the taking to edit and distribute? 2.Cant he actually legally upload it to a site without putting a link here or would that be "illegal?" unless you guys have spent however much it is on actually copyrighting this stuff... edit:hes banned?! ZOMFG yeeeah
  9. maybe if this is actually decent (which i doubt) carlos might let him have the link up. Stexturer this is your chance to be....not hated so much.If it is a failiure,then i must think of a good way to start a riot on a forum whilst avioding being banned. Or a "peaceful protest" for the banning of your ip.
  10. Epic doctor who reference. DW FTW!