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  1. I really want to know why this happened
  2. thecoolest2, is this you in this video at 11:28? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECggVR-XTzE&feature=feedu
  3. well, i dont know russian, so i used google translate, it gave a bit more info: October 28 Caution padioaktivnln matepial yadepnaya PpoGpamma 78 not clomayte yPPothehiya
  4. i think this tops it all even above my 2d delorean in classic
  5. in classic or survival. easier in classic with the world of minecraft client
  6. if i had a delorean, depending on how much i have i would either keep it stock or make it into a bttf one. though i have always wondered, are movie replicas street legal? do they pass inspection? also if your state requires licence plates on the front of the car that takes alot out of even a regular delorean.
  7. ive made bttf stuff in minecraft also a few months back attempt at courthouse delorean
  8. ive also had a problem with custom multiplayer on both 4 and eflc. it runs for a second then freezes my comp. i posted on gta forums and they told me to go to games for windows live forums but games for windows live is bsing me and telling me that i dont have a gt when i do. the multiplayer used to work for a few days but now it doesnt
  9. gives me something to do next vacation
  10. hmm, that sounds like it will work
  11. okay so after my comp got screwed up (freezing every 5 mins) i backed everything up (including gta save files) and restored windows to factory settings. i installed gta 4 and put my save game in the location (in appdata somewhere) and when i load the game it just starts a new game. help!
  12. when i play bttfhv, i like to just forget about marty and use tommy, like the feeling of tommy stealing the delorean from them
  13. lol, they kinda cheaped out, the left pictures are from one of the delorean die casts out there, this is just a delorean die cast with a hard drive inside, too bad i got a WD 500gb drive and 500gb in my pc which are mostly free