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  1. I really want to know why this happened
  2. in classic or survival. easier in classic with the world of minecraft client
  3. ive made bttf stuff in minecraft also a few months back attempt at courthouse delorean
  4. when i play bttfhv, i like to just forget about marty and use tommy, like the feeling of tommy stealing the delorean from them
  5. lol, they kinda cheaped out, the left pictures are from one of the delorean die casts out there, this is just a delorean die cast with a hard drive inside, too bad i got a WD 500gb drive and 500gb in my pc which are mostly free
  6. well, i kinda think of it as 2 ways, if it was a delorean (no time circuits) i would steal the emblems, if it was the time machine, id just rip the display out. if it was the bttf1 one, i would steal the plutonium and sell it to some libyans
  7. so i was going to the clocktower in 1955 in the delorean and i rolled it over near where the bridge is, and i find a bf injection with no wheels heres the picture the only mod done to this game is the bttf hill valley mod. if you want the save file, ask me. but dont go ahead and replace your own save file because im trapped in the 50s oh yeah, it doesnt make tire tracks, wait i take that back it does