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  1. I know, but I think everyone is missing the point that he is not making the mod at all.
  2. Yes... NOW I remember this movie when it came out, My brother liked it.... the year was 1997, it was a good year, still listening to Nirvana still mourning the death of Kurt Cobain even though it was 4 years after his untimely demise...and watching mtv when they were in their final days of ACTUALLY playing music videos. I think this mod would of been better suited for the first GTA, which wait for it!!!! came out in 1997!!! but guess what, nobody plays it, in fact they play it so little that rockstar gives it away, I remember a time when I would set on my ass and play my ps1 my parents bought me for christmas new out of the box, I remember before that Playing a second hand Nintendo entertainment system, that was all I had until 1997! an 8 bit NES! I remember all of these wonderful memories from the 1990's. BUT I didn't remember air bud! why? because it was s**t. Seriously (although you have not made anything) Kocher.... why air bud? why was the joke abou- oh yeah, because it is so damn rediculous ... the movie had a rating 4.7/10 nobody would make this mod.. ever... the poor innocent kids actually believe you kocher! Stop being mean Are you going to make a "when harry met sally" mod next?
  3. Well.. considering you probably aren't aware of who Kocher is, or his history of trolling. I like kocher some-days and other days I would like to throw rocks at him. When I saw this air bud mod for IV I laughed for about 30 minutes before I posted... Air bud is not mod material, and Kocher does not work with IV, If he figured out how then I would be very surprised. Although most people ignore his post (and forgive me for saying this mike) I think this forum occasionally needs some comic relief such as this... this IS funny to me, but.. eh .. don't fall for it. Also, please feel free to argue about his sincerity, I might be able to show you plenty of other kocher posts. Like the one time he "fell in love" with that fat chick who sings covers of katie perry and other horrible music like that, or the other time where he posted 0.2f's eulogy, and various really stupid topics, that I laughed my ass off at, and then laughed again when people yelled at him.. fun times.... People don't realize on this forum.. or any forum for that matter, that getting upset and yelling about people trolling/or having opinions that don't match their own is useless, I must admit though, when I see a post from Kocher, I get a bit giddy inside, and the butterflies swarm in my stomach, I click, Open, Read, and usually laugh.
  4. can there be dog fights too? can we also have a delorean that looks like kitt in this mod too? I would like this..... I was also wondering if air bud could smoke cigarettes? thanks Kocher, please address these issues, because I want to pleh this wahn... todeh! Is there also a way to make the trolling script work that you perfected in san andreas last year?
  5. lol.......Air Bud mod......in the Air Bud way.......lol
  6. chico688

    how magical...

    I made this, because it is for the best.
  7. Thanks guys, Yes I wish I could get mike to come over here and take the pics but I am not sure he would be up for coming to the states, unless I paid for his ticket, but I do not believe he would like North Carolina too much lol, at least compared to where he lives. Mike, your car is beautiful. The clutch slave cylinder just went out on mine but its in the shop being replaced . Speaking of that I need to check up on it. That is why I really havent posted any pics. btw, Mike.... they allow you to get liscence plates like that for the uk? hmm intersesting, I suppose they would have to have them in that situation for imported cars, correct me If I am wrong, but aren't the standard plates usually narrow and wide? Too bad it is too difficult to import cars to the U.S. our cars have rigorous safety/emissions tests that have to meet their standards. IF I could I would import one of these, just because they are so cheap.... ugly.... but cheeeeeaaaap. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tata_Nano but I hear they have a nasty "fiero" habit of catching on fire they go for about 2,500 us dollars NEW....very slow. I think I would opt for a motorcycle, I like them better then small death traps that look like a pair of 5.00 walmart shoes, at least motorcycles are usually attractive death traps... well not always
  8. If you want to make a mod Mr.Zapphire, you can start by ceasing to use my clocktower models without giving me any credit at all, sorry for posting in your Toy Story topic, but I noticed this youtube video you posted with my work in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4N-ENkUUXdU Everyone knows that everytime you make a mod, that it is never your work, a youtube comment will not suffice, so I thought I would let everyone else on the forums know that you also steal from me. good job. If you want to use anyone's work you will gain more respect by shooting them an email, and getting a yes or no answer (eventually anyone you end up asking will say no because you plagarize all the time, it builds a bad reputation) get gmax or whatever you want to use, and learn how to model. and import into game, I spent two years learning everything I could about gta aside from coding and It is very frustrating to see someone else get recognition for NOTHING.
  9. Thanks Mike, I had to clean out the fuel tank, had already changed the pump and filter, new plugs and wires (including the plug going between the distributor cap and the coil) and adjust the throttle cable. It is Vin 3000, and About the angle drives VERY TRUE forgot to mention that, we had that worked on as a matter of fact, but I didn't drive it more than enough to get it to the shop Because I am sure not working with the angle drive, that's a little too far beyond what I want to deal with and not really sure how they are set up on a delorean, I got a reproduction one that is supposedly better built then the originals that chewed up. But yes, that was a repair that was done before the car was parked for so long.. so if that was the only time it was broken then it may be 5-10 miles off..... but... its a delorean so if you look at it that way I suppose you are right, might as well be 1000+ miles off for all any one "really" knows lol . I also found the initials "sd" written on a part near the throttle body. I heard it was pretty common for DMC factory workers to sign different parts and what not. IF I recall there was some other little things I've seen like that behind panels/carpet etc... but do not remember what at the moment, I have gotten to where I do not pay it much mind really. I will be in and out of town for the rest of the week... mabye by the weekend I can get some more pictures up. I do not plan on converting it to a bttf delorean anytime soon at least... so the hood isnt an issue really, And to be completely honest if I did convert it I probably still would leave the hood as is. OH and by the way.. If any one has any specific picture request of the car let me know... I will do my best
  10. I know......sad times but new hoods are too expensive plus I would hate to raise the hood everytime I fill it up
  11. Well those bttf "props" are looooong gone that picture is from the early days of having the car, like I said they were just junk props I made from mess laying around, the wheels are dirty due to brake dust... well the whole car needs a wash bad, its all covered in dust lol. Those plutonium gauges If I recall were actually just cardboard cut outs in layers I made for this picture, the gauges were hand drawn, the cardboard was sprayed silver, I had no extra money and was bored basically and it was used in a halloween festival for kids (kids do not know its card board unless they touch it, and if they did I would stuff them in the mr. fusion to generate the 1.21 gigawatts of discipline to another persons child
  12. So, I decided to show my car in this topic, mainly because it has set not running for the last two years, and I finally got it Drivable on Sunday. It is a 1981 model with the grooves and gas flap, If I recall it was manufactured in august 81, It is a 5 speed manual with a grey interior. The pic of the "poor man's" bttf replica interior was done by me in high school, made out of junk I scrounged that I either had laying around or was trashed just because I was bored and there is pretty much nothing to do in my hometown In north carolina. As you can see, the interior unfortunately is a little weathered from just sitting, compared to the old "replica" pic where the interior looks rather nice. It also has under 20,000 original miles confirmed by Carfax and service records. The awesome grey haired dude with the mario mustache is my dad and the junky bttf parts made from crap laying around I can take some more pics and upload later, but it is night here though and the car is stored across the street so it will have to be later. Anyways thanks for looking. - Brandon (chico688)
  13. It's ironic that they ended up using the Crysis models though... :|

    Also, GTA III models should be compatible with VC models. Mainly because they both run off of silimar, if not the same engines.

  14. Well I am sorry for offending you, I just thought you hated Bttf:lc so much I found it a bit confusing. Its not a big deal really... forgive me for my attitude and snappy response. Its OK