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  1. I like that concept and I think it's do-able. And I think you mean "era" when you say "time zone." At first I thought you were talking about a map conversion of the other GTA games' maps, like "GTA United", but with actual time zones.
  2. Hate to double post, but I just heard GTA: MP was shutdown by Take-Two Interactive. (https://gta-mp.net/) NTAuthority, the man behind FiveM, says he was contacted by Take-Two as well. (https://www.reddit.com/r/FiveM/comments/3s5rmw/pis_sent_by_take_two_at_my_door_its_more_likely/) GTA: MP is dead, let's hope FiveM won't be. This sucks.
  3. If anyone's wondering, the guys who worked on FiveM have continued/are continuing development of their multiplayer mod. A few weeks ago I found out as I check their subreddit and I'm glad they haven't stopped. From what I think I know, NTAuthority (the head of the mod) After playing GTA: Online for 2 years, I really want an alternate multiplayer/mod. In my opinion, Rockstar's version has gotten stale and I would love for something with higher replay value. And I think I can safely say I'm not the only one who wants this, too. Also, there exists another multiplayer mod called GTA:MP, if anyone's curious.
  4. I live along 24 Mile Road in Michigan, which is about 15 miles North of Detroit. The one of the closest places I live to is the Van Dyke Avenue/24 Mile Road intersection. In 1885, the intersection, then called Disco, had formally existed for about 36 years (platted in 1849). I assume dirt roads existed and trees stood freely at the sides of the roads and corners of the intersection. A school house, called Andrew's school house, in another area existed at this time, as well. In 1955, likely less trees, the residential street I lived on was likely a sand-lot and/or farmland, it's namesake derives from the farmer who owned the land. The elementary school I would attend wouldn't be built for a few more years. By 1985, Andrew's school house had been moved close to Disco, and the street I would live on has ~10 year old houses along its sides. In 2008/2009, at the gas station that would become some metro cafe had a DeLorean in its parking lot. I would not have seen it had not my brother's friend's car not stall due to an oil problem. That same friend, like me, also likes DeLorean, but isn't a fan of BTTF, which is surprising (to me, at least). Later, when I would visit my family friends miles North of Disco, I visited their huge house and barns. In one, I got to uncover a cloth over a DeLorean. As I sat inside it, I got to hold and pet my friends' kittens. The car itself was dank and the whole experience was ballin'. Once more I would see another DeLorean, alongside a house in the newly developed area of my subdivision. It was fun, I guess. By 2015, lots of trees have been cut on three corners of Disco, leaving most between residential streets and buildings. At apartment development project that began around 2007/08 after the removal of an assload of trees, and has seen slow, gradual progress due to the home market crash of 2008. 24 Mile has been torn up and repaved at the rate of a snail's pace. 2045, I have no god-darn clue hwhat will happen, I tell you what.
    I'm really excited to play this, thank you so much Mike! However, I am having problems with getting into the game; the game goes black after selecting "New Game", or pausing to menu. As a result, I leave a 4/5, given the circumstances (I would have much rather gave a 99%, lol). I do expect to get some plays later with the game. I can't freaking wait.
  5. This is absolutely ridiculous. I have been waiting too long to wait another 15 minutes for the mod. Gimme gimme.
  6. @Mike I don't think I have directly spoke to you before, Mike, here in the forums, but with your reply, hearing the status of the mod, etc. is surprising, awesome, and sadly expected, all at the same time. It has been a while since I remember you guys teased the new DeLorean models, I believe it was 3 or 4 years ago (Then, I was in 8 or 9th grade. Now I have started college. Sheeet.) I have to say, to you and the team, thank you guys so much for the mod, even if though it was never complete, I had a blast playing it in the past. I can definitely see myself engrossing my time with 0.2f, perhaps I'll mod it for myself (how do I bananas.?, huehue) now that I am older? I must say that the "unfinished" state of your mod is far more acceptable than what garbage actual developers (for example, 343 Industries) put out (Halo: MCC) and haven't "fixed" months/1-year post launch. Anyways, I'm very grateful that you and the team will release 0.2f as is. Thanks again, Mike and the BTTF: Hill Valley team.
  7. I have been waiting since this video's upload date. Time will tell, fellow T.T'ers.
  8. It looks good, but I feel almost sad that we as a community have yet to see fleshed-out mods like we've seen in GTA III, VC, or SA. Hopefully we will see some good mods soon, and without Rockstar's interference. FiveM (Multi Theft Auto/SA: Multiplayer equivalent) for GTA V is what I look forward to. Besides, I'd rather play the VC Knight Rider mod with all its features. "Michael, you look like crap."
  9. Does the future say when version 0.2f will be released? I've been following since 7th grade, I'm going to college soon, and I need to know..
  10. Blasphemy, I cannot believe Amanda Bynes would desicrate a DeLorean like that. I'm in tears.
  11. I saw the second one a while ago, and I thought it was hilarious, I guess you have no taste. Marty as a pedophile is such a great concept. Here's one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE1yrqSeV-c
  12. I second that. I have been waiting for almost 4 years for version 0.2f of BTTF: HV. Funny thing is, I first heard of the mod when I was in 7th grade and now I'm in high school taking a Computer Science class to learn code and and PC Repair class to learn how to build a PC. I can wait for 0.2f. Thanks for being part of this mod Mike, you and everybody have made a BTTF fan really happy.