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  1. Edfake

    Why not listen to

    Thanks! just an Update incase anyone is following this still (highly doubt it) but I just released a new song
  2. Just putting my 2 cents in, it seems to be hibernating. Google how to disable hibernating and then see if it does it, and if it still does, then look above my post
  3. Edfake


    I'm always online, but at a different server, but seeing as you guys have the nether I probs play there for a bit lol.
  4. Edfake


    Thanks, because I once made a temprary website at freewebs and had to call it something, so I called it fake, 'Edfake' and it stuck.
  5. Edfake


    Congrats RG! Hppy Bday!
  6. That is very epic! Wow love bill and ted, now I want to watch that movie lol.
  7. Edfake

    FAO STexturer

    Wow, so that's what happened to great sayaman.
  8. Edfake

    Vc help

    Please post your specs up here, you may be missing something as simple as a non direct x compatible card (i doubt)
  9. wheres the link to the IP, i did a search and found nothing
  10. Hi guys! I thought it would be an idea to show you some of my songs so here you go: http://edfake.net/music.html anyways, the last 3 were done in Garage band and are all just samples put together. Then I had a loooong break from music making.... and then... I got a new music program (the songs with my logo on it was made with the new program) those songs made with the new program are all from scratch, and don't use samples (except maby hl2 sounds :S) please bear in mind that I have only begun music making, so I am not that great yet (I believe) and thats why I made what I believe to be my best songs cost money to download. the more donations I get the better I can make music by buying more plugins and features for the music program Thanks for the support / comments! remember I need feedback for my music to make it better, perferably the newer songs. - EdFake
  11. Oh god! Now this thread opens! One I've wanted for years!!! Lol! Heheh the sad news is my laptops dying, it's on the brink of a massive space time collapse, so I can't play half life till the end of this year when I'll get a computer powerful enough to cause a space time collapse! Anyways, my steam and skype details as follows, if you guys ever want to chat: Steam: edfake Skype: edfake! (lol, that's hard to guess.) (p.s. Half life is basically my life, and if we all have half life 2 then we can play on a mod called synergy, look it up, if you see my steam profile you will see how much I play it )
  12. Epic doctor who reference. DW FTW!

  13. i recognize a zombine anywhere! WooooHOOO for Half Life TwOOOOOOO