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  1. Spiderman is playing a guitar... this thread is officially derailed...
  2. hey where are those pics you were talking about Jen??? been waiting since the 22nd of march and its april 1st now...
  3. I had the same problem i just uninstalled VC then reinstalled it back then installed the mod back onto it and presto no more problem
  4. I love WFRR. That's one of my favourite 80's movies. Especially when Eddie gives Roger a drink, and he goes haywire lol.
  5. Can someone tell me if my specs are able to play this game on my pc since i do not own a ps3 my specs are as follows: OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit CPU: AMD Athlon X2 QL-62 RAM: 2.0GB Hyundai Electronics DDR2 @ 333MHz 5-5-5-15 Motherboard: Wistron 303C (Socket A) NVIDIA GeForce 8200M Chipset Graphics: Generic PnP Monitor on NVIDIA GeForce 8200M G 896MB GeForce 8200 G (HP) HDD: 250GB Toshiba MK2555GSX ATA Device (IDE) Optical Drives: Optiarc DVD RW AD=7580S ATA Device Audio: Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221
  6. and lemme guess DK no release for that, right?
  7. well i mean think about it, when the delorean came back in bttf 1 from the first TT Experiment it was frozen, and cold steam was coming off of it, in bttf 2 (and at the end of bttf 1) when doc came back to get marty(was marty to begin with but had to take jenn cuz she saw the del) the delorean had only a little bit of steam on it (of course now that i think about it in the same film when doc and marty went back to 1955 and landed behind the billboard the del was frozen...hmm anyways) and in bttf 3 when marty went back to 1885 the del (as far as i could see had no cold steam on it at all and at the end on the movie the bttf 3 rr del when it went back to 1985 was semi-frozen and had steam on it. the reason i started this was that i saw it as being movie accurate but now i think it might take up too much coding space and people probably dont care about it too much to begin with..oh well just wanted to see if it COULD be possible is all.
  8. ok idk if this has been discussed before but here goes, is there a way to make deloreans have different cold effects depending on the model (e.g. bttf1 del completely frozen cold to an extent, the bttf2 del semi to not frozen, the bttf3 del barely cold with little to no steam on it at all and the bttf 3 frozen) like i said idk if this has been discussed or not its just an idea i had before i went to bed last night and sorry if it makes no sense my brain is not wanting to work properly atm lol
  9. Ohhhh man the Theater that is showing it is like 20 minutes away from my house in Apopka/Altamonte Springs florida thats my mall and the theater i always goto i cannot wait to go see it on the big screen!! @Mike ive been meaning to ask what part of UK are you from cuz i have friends that live near Somerset (i think i spelled that right lol)
  10. yea... you and about 10 thousand other ppl and u went wayyyy too early the lightning has to hit before ur hook doeslet the alarm ring then right when it finishes take off like a bat outta hell....when you do it that way makes it seems more movie accurate....im just sayin