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  1. The guy has randomly freaked out on me because I said his add-on was crappy. The version I got of this add-on had a missing step in the Readme, so I had a problem installing it. He called me an "accident" and he wished I would die, all because HE messed up. He was being nice and mature when all of a sudden he comes out of no where with this terrible letter about me dieing and burning in hell. He then did some other immature things that I don't think I should talk about. Anyway, when I finally did get this add-on to "work", it was just the New HV on the old HV. There were rocks in the road, the road disappeared sometimes, and there were buildings inside of buildings. It was probably something I did that caused this, but I will wait a new version anyway. Glad to know Kocher is off the team.
  2. I don't want any trouble. Just happened to find out that I am not the only one Kocher was...well..."mean" to.
  3. Not to instigate or anything, but I knew this would happen. Mr. Kocher, remember me? Probably not, I am using a different screen name on here. I am MessedUpProductions from YouTube. You bipolar b*****d, ruined your own add-on. Coolest2, I hope the best for you and your new team. Looking forward to a release that will actually work.
  4. THANK YOU! This is a good comment! I said I wouldn't be looking at these anymore, but I decided one more look wouldn't hurt. Thank you Grim, this is the new plot. You will be credited in the movie and I will put the movie in the main post when it is finished. Why didn't I think of this?
  5. Okay thanks. Somebody acted like you weren't working on this version anymore. I also see a topic for 0.3 ideas. Thanks for updating me.
  6. I would just like to know, are you still working on version 0.2f? I read a topic that said you aren't, or at least that is what I think that person meant. I can't download the interview right now, so please just answer my question, then you can close this topic. So are you still working on 0.2f or are you going straight for 0.3?
  7. Well I am done with this topic. I am going to use subtitles. Everybody got off-topic so I think a mod should lock this now. I will not be checking your replies any more. And I misunderstood your reply, Flux capacitor, I realize now that you meant Doc would never let Marty use the DeLorean. Anyways, thanks for the feed back Dave. You are the only person who managed to stay on-topic in this thread. See you guys in the future...or the past!
  8. Well whatever. It isn't cannon anyway so what does it matter? Marty and Doc and Clara don't live in the GTA world either. Should I mod Liberty City to be Hill Valley as well?
  9. You're right, there is no purpose. Being a teenager myself, I know that most teenagers want to test things and do stuff on their own. Marty just seemed like that type of person to me. He just takes the DeLorean without permission.
  10. Well since there is no Time Train for GTA 4 (plus it would look REALLY awkward), I have to use the DeLorean. Also, the Back to the Future game being made by Tell-Tale is doing that.
  11. I will be making a new Grand Theft Auto 4 machinima, but this is a sequel of sorts to the original Back to the Future trilogy. PLOT- Doc takes the DeLorean (newly made by him, who has decided to settle in 1985) to the year 2008. When he arrives, there are no flying cars...the technology doesn't even appear to be nearing that! So, it is up to Marty to figure out what changed in the past to change this future so drastically. I was wondering, should I have voice-acting or text dialogue? By "text", I mean should there be words at the bottom of the screen to substitute for there being no voice?
  12. Ok yes. I realized that this has been circulating the forums AFTER I posted this topic. Sorry guys. And congrats to bttf92 on making the mod team.
  13. You guys were wrong when you said that you can't make a BTTF mod for GTA 4.
  14. Well if I don't fly then I get to 80 and it crashes. I downloaded your patch and it still crashes. I don't know what to do.
  15. http://s420.photobucket.com/albums/pp290/M...ent=CRASHES.flv Here is a video showing my crash info.