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  1. Hey guys! It's been a long, long time since I've been on here. Anyway, I tried your modified code out, BTTFModMachine, and it works, just that the sound doesn't play sometimes. I decided to use the actual sound from the movie where the time circuits glitch and afterward, Doc says, "Damn, gotta fix that thing!" I love it.
  2. Hi all. I haven't been here for quite some time now. Anyway, I've also tried the server out again. I love the fact that you can hear all the time machine related sounds coming from other people's DeLoreans, (even the time circuits! ) I'm a bit disappointed we can't spawn Hydras or Hunters, but hey, this is a BTTF server, and I guess there should be some control there. Another thing is, today I went on, and it's abandoned! Hardly anybody's on! Today, me and this awesome bloke (bttf88- I don't know whether he's on this site or not) played around a bit. I have to admit, unfortunately, things are getting boring. Where is everybody?
  3. Definitely the DeLorean. Whether it's the time-circuit-malfunctioning BTTF II DeLorean, or the RailRoad DeLorean, always the DeLorean! Although, I do like the time train, just not as much. It's too big!
  4. I'm not trying to cut in. I was one of the first to ask. Page back.
  5. Great work Trance, as always! The flying DeLorean looks awesome! Don't forget- I was one of the first to sign up for those babies!
  6. Yup- it's quite a fun app. I guess most people either don't have this app or they don't like it. This topic's gonna get buried soon.
  7. The amazing new update for the Flux Capacitor app for all iDevices (available on the AppStore)- created by Pocket Paradox. The latest update adds the BTTF II dashboard with flying DeLorean sounds as well as the BTTF III dashboard with train sounds and smoke effects. It also features some updates to the menu, some minor bugfixes etc. I basically just wanted to show you guys some pics of the app updates. I think it's pretty awesome. First a picture of the Time Circuits. No updates here, though All original sounds Then we have the normal BTTF I DeLorean dashboard (which was featured in the app before the update) All original sounds Then the BTTF II DeLorean dashboard. (Please notice Telltale's Mr Fusion gauge. ) Sounds of the flying DeLorean Then finally, the best: The BTTF III DeLorean dashboard. Really good work here. So, whaddya thoughts?
  8. I think you're an extremely talented modeller, Trance. Why don't you model Doc or Marty for the GTA SA mod? I haven't even watched Ghostbusters but I want to use these models.
  9. No, not really. It was just a few questions I wanted to ask the mod team, but always forgot to.
  10. I'll be sure to try your mods with the latest CLEO 4 installed.