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  1. sorry for opening a new topic, i have edited the instant time travel sound, and now it doesn't cut, it fades out sooner. hope this sound will satisfy you. new link (later edit) http://www.mediafire.com/?5x5jh3d7pz0gflf
  2. Hello! I was not satisfied with the instant time travel sound in the 0.2e mod, because it's not the instant time travel sound from the movie. I know the moderators didn't use the actual instant time travel sound because it doesn't fit with the game, but I have extracted the BTTF2 instant time travel sound, and I edited it and now it's perfect for the game. I replaced the sound file with the one I've extracted and the instant time travel sounds better now. I hope the moderators will use this sound when they will make updates or new versions of the mod. If anyone wants to use this sound, please download it, rename it to ASS_1.wav and put it in the AUDIO folder, located in the gta vice city directory. Trust me, this sound is better. http://www.fileshare.ro/25859405136.6
  3. you mean WHEN the train is, and that car is still ugly
  4. it's ugly as make like a tree, and get outta here
  5. if we download that, our saved games become useless?
  6. why don't you turn the time circuits off
  7. okta

    Is it just me?

    i wonder if you will create your own game in future versions
  8. i don't think so.. and it's useless, because it has a greater acceleration than the dmc12 delorean
  9. it would have been better if you switched the language to english when recording the video
  10. yeah but what's the point using the time train on that street... it will time travel anyway because it has it's own power
  11. i did it.. but differently.. .I always use instant time travel. First i sent a BTTF2 delorean to NOV 12 1955 10 PM near the tower, then i travelled with the BTTF1 hook del to 10:00 PM and set the desstination time to both Deloreans at OCT 26 1985 01:24 and used RC on the hook del to send it in the future, then i travelled with the BTTF2 delorean at the Destination time, to see the entry of the RC delorean
  12. wanna bet? that never hapened to me