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  1. Epic doctor who reference. DW FTW!

  2. i recognize a zombine anywhere! WooooHOOO for Half Life TwOOOOOOO

  3. oh i forgot: http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/
  4. Hi guys, i would just like to say that this note has also ruined my day. i would like to congratulate all the devs for sticking to it till the end, and hope a backup copy of the game to date is kept, for as you say, future considerations. i can truly say this community and mod is one i will always keep with me through my childhood memory's and that you all are friends to me. This mod was also the reason i had started my carrier on coding and believed it has changed us all in some way. So i say thankyou, for setting me on the path of games programming, and developing the most awesome mod ever created. good luck and see you, in the future!
  5. awesome, thanks! (watches joe zombie, my used to be favorite cartoon) i think this topics ready for a lock
  6. i use this for memory addresses, it helped http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=117195 ect. its all on this topic
  7. i would think youd put this in the youtube topic section. but i loled at the epicness, it should of been: What the.. BOOOOOOOOOOOM!
  8. looks awesome, if i ever get gta IV i may try this out (when its released of course)
  9. i think she was talking about this comment, not your topic.
  10. double post on an informative short question which can be answered by the button called search. i agree, i would warn him.
  11. lol, well, i cant wait till this topic gets locked
  12. thats interesting, i did not know that.
  13. he did, he used memory hacks. but i don't think he did the top row....
  14. that is true, i was going to mention that in my last post, but then i thought nobody would believe me
  15. i think its because they're trying to have 0.2f addon free?
  16. ughhhhhhhhh, Facebook, there like sheep. now were going to get flooded with idiots nooooo!
  17. Ive used super from the start love it's super compatibilities
  18. its a sign, the mod is eeeevvvvvvvviiiiiiiiilllllllllllllll !
  19. double post? Edit the first one! EDIT: Like this!!!! good job ziero, like it!
  20. what seems to be the problem with the video? is it too big?