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  1. It is a $50 toy. I'm fine with the lack of details. Except on the front lights and sound pitch problem.
  2. Not sure if there was a thread on the Diamond Select DeLorean's. But I wanted to share some photos of mine I recently got. BTTF I (With Hook modifcation), BTTF 3 White Wall, and Rail Road are also avalible. Mr Fusion's top is removable. But I tested if it would fit bakc in the box with it on. It does. So It's safe to glue the top part onto the car. Pros: - It's large. 13 inches long. And to scale with a 4 inch figurine. - Lighting system is nice. Main time travel lights, front lights, dashboard, Time Circuits, Flux Capacitor, rear lights, and boosters all light up. Though bootsters are red instead of yellow. - Tires are real rubber. - Comes with all stock BTTF I SFX's and hover mode SFX's - Trunk lid, and both gull wing doors open. Cons: - No lights always on mode. - Mr Fusion doesn't open. - All the DMC name brands aren't on the car. Fans have made decals to add these on. - The rear deck is missing key details because the sound button is there. - No stand to use for Hover Mode. - Some details on the Dashboard like the 50's clock is missing. - Cabling on the outside is all black. - Turning signal lights are missing - The different hue front light area wasn't done. - SFX's have a pitch problem and sound slow.
  3. I'd rather have it all the same. It's jsut easier.
  4. archer9234

    Sound list

    The Delorean engine noises are in the games main sound file. They need their pitch controlable to simulate gear shifts. They can't be normal wav files.
  5. It's random. There is no set time between all the cars. The scenes that show it activating at 88MPH is the Delorean in Hover mode. And the lightning run at the end of bbtf 1. The rest do it earlier or some times in between.
  6. What does matter what's at fault. Weather it's COL files or the engine itself. The game unpredictably crashes. I've had it crash more on one PC then another. The game is too old to handle all the stuff the mod throws at it properly.
  7. The whole game is the problem. No version will ever be perfect. The engine is just crap.
  8. Holy s**t, you're back. It's good to see some people back.
  9. The sound was picked because it was the one that synced better with the game. I've tried the other retry sounds. They where all rejected by the team.
  10. Check the date next time. 2 years is a long time. People could of left in the time that past.
  11. Since when did anyone say we'd release it on Christmas? Do you see that date anywhere on the site pages...
  12. I'm gonna be out of line over this but... The mod isn't our jobs. We don't get paid to do this work. Everything is made on everyone's free time. We are dealing with a s**t old game engine. And things aren't amazingly easy. Our real full times jobs and lives take priority over this mod period. If you want this mod so badly, go do it yourself. Then you'll understand how difficult it is. Then all the whiners would shut up. And FYI. If you can't speak english. Don't use google.
  13. The main menu they made for the port is amazing. I wish they patch it into the PC version.
  14. That sucks. I do agree with what he said. Why couldn't Mattel match the lenticular finish.
  15. Yeah, replace it. They aren't that expensive anymore. Regardless of discs being phased out (We still have CD-ROM discs avaible. It's a very slow process). You'll still end up needing them, for those random moments.
  16. I have to say this is a breath of fresh air to the site in a long time.
  17. Crysis runs at 70FPS on my system. I never had a slowdown. R* really needs to not fail with GTA V.
  18. Well he did say play the game at maximum. Of course turning things off improves the framerate. R* doesn't patch anything after a certain point.
  19. I'm able to run the game at 60fps with my 24gb ddr3 ram, gtx 570, and a intel i7 2.6ghz. But there are sections of the map that will lag. Because those idiots at R* didn't optimize crap. Which is why the game runs on PC's s**tty to begin with. But my rig cost $1200 for me to build. My setup just barely allows 65fps (in the main map). In the lag sections it drops to around 25fps.
  20. Yeah. But that was a script mistake. Because the Time Circuits where already broken and would revert to jan 01 1885. Scrambled the time circuits line should of been removed.
  21. You can't have it both ways. It's a archaic PC that shouldn't be in use anymore for games. No matter how downgraded the car models are. That PC will still have crashing issues. Especially when the proper map is in place.
  22. Those specs are really horrible. My Laptop that cost $400 has better specs.
  23. You seriously shouldn't post your email on public forums.
  24. People really shouldn't be using that of a old setup. Cards are cheap if you just buy some that are a year or 2 old.