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  1. so pretty much if i want it for that one car or for only when i use the remote it cant be done?
  2. how about just for the the re entry for the bttf1 car
  3. so is their any way to make it the sound (the one i posted) to make it the re entry for the remote?
  4. ok thanks but what file is the re entry for the remote or is it just one file for every re entry
  5. can you help me get that sound on to re entry for when its on the remote?
  6. ok but how would i replace the sound when it re-enters with the remote instead of when your in it also
  7. how about for when your using the remote and it comes back? kinda like what you said
  8. I was thinking that when you have the instant time travel mode on it should be the sound of when the delorean comes back with Einstein in it in the beginning. Example: (goto 2:20 on the video for the sound)