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  1. I have to get an IFT, I'm a freeloading b*****d... I have to ask though, how difficult is Mobile modding? I know the img manipulation is easy, but I imagine main.scm is difficult even with all the code in front of you
  2. It shouldn't be too bad, I'm sure you could set a "randomized" code to the weather patterns
  3. I remember back in the 0.2D days, Delorean88us set up the weather to be like that for an excuse to travel to different times. It was mainly decided by "seasons" and then the weather was set for important BTTF dates as well. I remember the reason they didn't add random weather was not only the fact it would eat up code, but it also effected movie makers and low powered systems
  4. Playing GTA on the iPhone though, it might be a problem. iPad has no problems though
  5. Pardon me for being a bit naive and new to this, but wouldn't it be possible to make where you hold down 2 buttons to activate boosters? Like look left and gas?
  6. If you've been here as long as I have (0.2a), you'll know that the release dates are usually pretty off. But it's all good since this is free to you.
  7. I figured, I remember that used to be a huge problem. And an IFT investor? Good idea... haha.
  8. I've been busy with school, band, and work. Hell, I haven't installed the mod in ages... So, when's 0.2f coming out? (will that still get me banned? )
  9. Holy s**t... I found an email from here a few days ago and decided to log on. Nice to see all you guys still kicking and the community is still alive. Ahh the good old days of Invision forums and Moddb. I actually have a warning from Moddb from my pre-teen spamming. Good times man, good times.
  10. I remember your old sig, just counting till you could buy it... congrats man!
  11. Either I'm really tired, or that made no sense at alll....
  12. Theres a program built for that, I forgot the name though. Something like "VC Movie Creator"
  13. I think Del should come back out, and reshoot the first time travel sequence in HD again.