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  1. I have to get an IFT, I'm a freeloading b*****d... I have to ask though, how difficult is Mobile modding? I know the img manipulation is easy, but I imagine main.scm is difficult even with all the code in front of you
  2. Bug testing moved fairly quick, but it was a slightly unfinished project but it wasn't rushed by any means
  3. Slowly but steady, that's how it goes kiddies.
  4. I missed that, I'm guessing there was a fallingout? I remember there being happiness. And I came in about 2 weeks before 0.2b came out, and when 0.2b developed into 0.2c, it was crazy. That was back on the old ModDb forums, where I got my first ModDb warning, ended up in the "I Hate Ronnyboy" fan club, and was banned 3 times from the new forums. After I learned how to be a good boy, and watched KITT's mods take off and saw all the funny delorean88us mods, I kinda weened off of here. Now there's San Andreas, GTA III, IV, and mobile. I miss the simpler times, when Proton Kid would mess with me and EarthwormJim would chastise me.
  5. It shouldn't be too bad, I'm sure you could set a "randomized" code to the weather patterns
  6. Damn shame, he was a cool guy.
  7. Game is great on the iPad, can be a little frustrating on the iPhone. Much better then GTA 3 though (Try Bomb Da Base II, I dare you)
  8. I remember back in the 0.2D days, Delorean88us set up the weather to be like that for an excuse to travel to different times. It was mainly decided by "seasons" and then the weather was set for important BTTF dates as well. I remember the reason they didn't add random weather was not only the fact it would eat up code, but it also effected movie makers and low powered systems
  9. If I could remember how to spell your damn username I would... Haha. Nice to see you and Orgcon, Mike, and Jen are still here. What ever happened to TimeTrain? I remember him andhis wife were on here
  10. Playing GTA on the iPhone though, it might be a problem. iPad has no problems though
  11. Go figure... Probably got too popular for his britches I'm just amazed at the progress of you guys, especially on mobile
  12. Pardon me for being a bit naive and new to this, but wouldn't it be possible to make where you hold down 2 buttons to activate boosters? Like look left and gas?
  13. Wow this website and mod have changed a lot since I was last here... Nice to see it alive and well! All the old guys still here? Carlos? TimeTrain? ELB? Mike? Blue? I miss this mod and the community, nice to see it alive and thriving. Delorean88us would be proud to see this today!
  14. If you've been here as long as I have (0.2a), you'll know that the release dates are usually pretty off. But it's all good since this is free to you.