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  1. eXPerience UI seems like installshield. I like it.
  2. I went to the roof standing just on the clock. Poor marty a lightning killed him xD.
  3. Check if you have your Sanny Builder in VC. Like in the picture. SPANISH: Fijate si tenes el Sanny Builder en VC. Como en la foto.
  4. Havent you seen the trailer ? Will be ready the next year.
  5. When SA mod comes out will be better that the VC one (I think).
  6. Neo_Dragonoid

    Sound list

    I think i know what is this sound exactly.
  7. I decided to model the diesel locomotive that destroys the delorean in BTTF Part III. But i need help to put it in VC. Here some screenshots:
  8. You should stay with the DMC-12. Nice.
  9. I think that there's one "red" involved in this bananas business.
  10. It's working and seems really good
  11. I made something like that in my "free time". But when the deloreans travel one marty has to die. I'll make a video soon.
  12. Yes I am. I'm back from vestroia.