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  1. Hold on. Which program do you use? And what do you mean replace the modded one? I have Windows 7. None of these GXT Editors are really working
  2. What coding do I have to change to do that? I want to visibly change the date on the Time Circuits, but when I travel, I don't want the circuits to be visible on screen
  3. Doesn't that just put an actor in the DeLorean? Doesn't it get rid of the follower and puts a brand new actor in the DeLorean? And where would I put this code? In the HOVER thread or the FOLLOWER thread
  4. How would I do that? I'm not really an expert at this
  5. Hey everyone, I know I'm probably the last person you guys wanna respond to, but I have a legit question I wanna ask for the coders. I've gotten the code for the follower from one of the topics, however, when you go into hover mode with the DeLorean, the follower disappears. Can anyone help me with this problem?
  6. Nevermind, I figured out the circuts, however I still need help spawning a delorean with the hook on the side
  7. @Mike : Yea, but which variation and where should I put it...This is what I have, but it's not working: :CLKTWR_416 wait 0 if Model.Available(#INFERNUS) jf @CLKTWR_416 0@ = Car.Create(#INFERNUS, -1050.73, -843.25, 13.08) create_thread @TIME 0@ 0 0 0 0 0 0 -5000.0 $CTIME $CTIME1 0 0 $CTIME $CTIME1 -1 0 $VARIATION == 3 // integer values Model.Destroy(#INFERNUS) ...and I still dont know about the time circuts setup in the bolded code, cuz this is what I want OCT 26 1985 01 : 35 AM NOV 12 1955 09 : 58 PM OCT 26 1985 01 : 35 AM
  8. Hey everyone, I'm coding a mission, and I need help with some things despite the amount of times I've tested various codes: --Setting the time circuts within this code (For a BTTF 1 Delorean) create_thread @TIME 0@ 0 0 0 0 0 0 -5000.0 $CTIME $CTIME1 0 0 $CTIME $CTIME1 -1 0 --Spawning a Delorean w/ Hook I would really apprciate it, and I apologize if I am posting numerous topics. I wish I knew more!
  9. Well I copied the @BRIDE thread nd added to the gxt, edited the bride codes to match the gxt so it could work
  10. No I did add it to American GXT, but idk why its not working
  11. Hey guys, Ok, so I have this thread create_thread @BCLKTWR Here are the codes it contains :BCLKTWR thread 'BCLKTWR' :BCLKTWR_10 wait 10 if Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR) else_jump @BCLKTWR_10 if and $ONMISSION == 0 // integer values $CYEAR >= 1955 // integer values else_jump @BCLKTWR_10 if 00F6: player $PLAYER_CHAR 1 -1050.73 -843.25 13.08 radius 1.2 1.2 2.0 else_jump @BCLKTWR_10 if Player.Controllable($PLAYER_CHAR) else_jump @BCLKTWR_10 gosub @BCLKTWR_191 gosub @BCLKTWR_328 00BA: text_styled 'CLKTWR' 5000 ms 2 // The Clocktower gosub @BCLKTWR_368 start_mission 3 jump @BCLKTWR_10 :BCLKTWR_191 if Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR) else_jump @BCLKTWR_321 $ONMISSION = 1 // integer values 02A3: toggle_widescreen 1 Camera.SetAtPos(-1008.388, -873.565, 13.218) Camera.SetPosition(-1007.333, -874.26, 13.824, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0) Camera.PointAt(-1034.73, -843.25, 13.08, 2) 0055: put_player $PLAYER_CHAR at -1034.73 -843.25 12.25 0211: actor $PLAYER_ACTOR walk_to -1032.97 -842.11 :BCLKTWR_321 wait 1000 return :BCLKTWR_328 if Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR) else_jump @BCLKTWR_366 $ONMISSION = 1 // integer values 0169: set_fade_color 0 0 0 fade 0 1500 :BCLKTWR_366 return :BCLKTWR_368 if fading else_jump @BCLKTWR_392 wait 0 jump @BCLKTWR_368 :BCLKTWR_392 if Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR) else_jump @BCLKTWR_413 011C: actor $PLAYER_ACTOR clear_objective :BCLKTWR_413 return However, when I use it, the text either doesn't appear, or causes my game to crash. Can someone please help me?
  12. o ok, thanks. and by the way, do you know how I can make it so whenever you get a certain delorean, the time circuts are set to a certain date? For example BTTF 2 Delorean: October 21 2015 BTTF 3 Delorean: September 2, 1885 and so on?