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  1. Hold on. Which program do you use? And what do you mean replace the modded one? I have Windows 7. None of these GXT Editors are really working
  2. What coding do I have to change to do that? I want to visibly change the date on the Time Circuits, but when I travel, I don't want the circuits to be visible on screen
  3. Doesn't that just put an actor in the DeLorean? Doesn't it get rid of the follower and puts a brand new actor in the DeLorean? And where would I put this code? In the HOVER thread or the FOLLOWER thread
  4. How would I do that? I'm not really an expert at this
  5. Hey everyone, I know I'm probably the last person you guys wanna respond to, but I have a legit question I wanna ask for the coders. I've gotten the code for the follower from one of the topics, however, when you go into hover mode with the DeLorean, the follower disappears. Can anyone help me with this problem?
  6. Yea, I have actually, not mod involved, but video editing, and yes there is a need to flame back because everyone is acting like they can put me down
  7. Grim, shut the f**k up you dont know me and everyone knows ur a noob b/c ur a follower for the whole team. Besides, I can leave u nerds anytime I want. Oh, and what If I make my own website RG. what will u do bout tht??? NOTHING. This fight will nvr end, u guys messed this up for urselves
  8. You guys are going to regret f***ing with me. I'll make the mod and you'll never find it. Oh and have u notcied ur website crashing at all???
  9. Yea, i guess I am one of those idiots, and no s**t sherlock
  10. Okay, fine...If you want to be a f***ing prick about it! I was raised to fight back when someone is putting me down! I making the mod and you're not stopping me. I don't care if my account is deleted because of this. I'll always be able to download you're mod. And besides, if I don't make the mod, oh well, you can put me down even more, but Mike, even thought you're the head of everything, you don't need to put a user down. You're just like Able from Lakeview Terrace, who thinks he can do everything just cause he's a cop. Well f**k you!
  11. @Grim : Because there's no other code like it @archer : Because it's different @RG : You don't even know what my mod is so mind ur own business. This topic is only meant for the BTTFHillValley team and I
  12. I really want to make this mod, but I dont want to disobey the BTTFHV Community. How can I do this???