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  1. you've tried with the time machine DMC-13?, forward until the 2:20 to 2:22
  2. D4n!

    Antivirus Programs

    im use eset and not failed
  3. thanks for remembering ashley , gtabttffan
  4. Well, in my mother's petville, the cars have different names
  5. Sorry about your leg, i hope you fell better

  6. D4n!

    Dragon King

    omg, I hope the doctors find the disease , I wish you luck dragon king
  7. D4n!

    Wish/Goal List

    my list: -get a scholarship -bullies of the course will be going :S -get a good grades in school -learn coding -courage to run my course (I am the president) -succeed and be something in my life
  8. this game reminded me cry was called scary maze game
  9. I have been scared by a prank on facebook, find the link on youtube xD ,ignore the title in Spanish, the story is in English
  10. the terrifying and innocent chair