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    I love taking care of my family.My family means the most to me.
  1. You make me seem like a monster.But your right some times you should be scared. lol Im hydra
  2. I told him that but of course, men don't listen.
  3. DK says randomization will just cause problems with the missions. His arguement is when the delorean is getting shot by the lybians during the mission it is going to cause problems because the car may get damaged to the point it will scramble the time circuits. But I don't believe him. Randomization is awesome. i'm a random person.
  4. hey that bunny is very cute and me and me and my son dance to it and its no lie and dk heard it because of me and my son its cute and please don't insult it
  5. this might sound mean but i glad dk quit doing the textures because he isn't so stressed because im not bugging him to get off and spend time with me i am alot happier because he helping me around the house and our marriage is getting back to where it is supposed to be hes the person i fell in love with again