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  1. See the little box on the roof of the DeLorean? I wonder what it does, but here is my explanation that I made last night. Maybe the box is a projector, like it projects the wormhole. The lining that connects the back of the DeLorean connects to the projector as well and I guess when you hit an X amount of speed, it gets heated and powered up and activates the wormhole, the more speed you gain, the bigger the wormhole. Like in BTTF HV, you can go really fast and the wormhole got bigger. And the Flux Capacitor has three pipes. Possibly one is for Time Circuits, another it from the plutonium, and the last is for the projector. Like in BTTF 2 when the DeLorean had the 99 Flames, the Time Circuit got damaged so it can't TT since it is 1/3 of the Flux. Reaching the X amount of speed activates the plutonium which gives it the electricity to sync it. The plutonium also powers up the projector and allows the wormhole to generate, and only way to get the wormhole big enough is to reach 88 MPH. Wormholes require a certain speed. Like in the old "Hotwheels Highway 35" how they required to reach I think 300 MPH to enter the wormhole (I watched it a LOOOONNNNGGG time ago). And the flames is an effect of the tires heating up? When it re-enters, it is all electrified so everything that is connected to the DeLorean (Including driver) and is in sync. It is also cold since wormholes are cold and it projects. Thus it being frozen. But one thing that is strange. Anything that is electrified is hot. Or maybe it helps it not to be super-ice-age cold. When the Flux capacitor flux, it allows all of the connection and energy to be contained and fused. But also, the projector may be a speed capturer, but if it is, then how is it able to make wormholes then? High chance it is either a projector or both.
  2. I don't think the DeLorean was skinned over it. I tried on the RR DeLorean and it didn't do it. Haven't tried the others.
  3. Did a fresh install of VC and installed HV up until the latest update. It made the KITT jump sound from the old one. Not sure if there is the other stuff from him in the DeLorean...
  4. I know K.I.T.T. (The car...) is not in BTTF anymore since... I don't remember. But I was evading the police in the BTTF1 DeLorean, Plutonium in it, and Time Circuits off, I don't know what made me press CTRL + Shift but that made me do a K.I.T.T. jump including sound effects... That normal? I didn't install the map, water, and car downgrader, I love the map and the game runs fine without that update...