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  1. you've tried with the time machine DMC-13?, forward until the 2:20 to 2:22
  2. kitt has been eliminated because it did not belong to bttf universal
  3. could provide the entire link to see how it?
  4. mmm ... I'm thinking about buying a supcripcion IFT
  5. http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/inde...amp;#entry12224
  6. correct them, is a PFTT (peter's f'edup Time Train)
  7. while on the roof of the mansion (if using 2e) and the train type BIGBANG spawns again, because it can be stuck on either side of the mansion, has happened to my
  8. wow, I gave you leave looking forward to 0.2f
  9. correct them, is from 28 October to 31 October
  10. I have a reason for this gap in the sign sa: -one can get lost if not filled or the sr. fusion, because nce when I was chased by the police s, I lost it and shocked me a tank and boom!!!, wasted
  11. you have 2 alternatives: download another gta vc download a crack
  12. no need to install it again if you previously installed the gta vc, if you have installed the gta vc install any version, I would recommend is that you see other ga vc download, install gta hv (any version) and ready
  13. so, good until after the version 0.2f
  14. this tutorial you dare to follow him, if you need it First, download gta vc (even rip) Second: Install gta vc Third: Install GTA Hill Valley (any version) Quarter: (If the GMI uses 2c below), install the. Rar or. Zip Car models Fifth, expected to complete the installation of the models Sixth: (When it appears it is over, close GMI) Seventh: Run gta vc
  15. not want to be nosy but there will be some opcode for the flux's time travel?
  16. very good the auto installer, it takes me to install anything, just 2 minutes