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    I am very fan of Back to the Future, I am professional TXD texture Artist, 60's,70's and 80's musics is my favorites...
  1. I creat my 3º version, coment:
  2. I creat my 2º version of my moon.(not oval ) Sorry for bad quality...
  3. I creat a 1º version of my new moon, see: Coment
  4. Ahh sorry I post downloads later, my internet have problem...
  5. Hey you use my idea kkk, but is very good! but (again) is very short... The you leasted version is very better...
  6. sorry but its strange this wormhole, you wore coronas and gun flashes mixeds, and the trail of fire up to this good... (and please, not so very arrogant)
  7. Ok, I have more images of the my WormHole:(is very old)
  8. The Delorean motors Center is a smal shop of Deloreans, see: Well, but after I creat a "Delorean Motors Company".
  9. I know, but is a vending center, not a factory...
  10. I creat a Delorean motors Center: Please, coment...
  11. Ah, sorry my Fraps have problem, if you have a good video recorder, please post the link to I create videos...And the my wormhole is final version, but I creat other...
  12. Hi, I'am post my new HUD (in working...) Please COMENT