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  1. well....I've add one heli in the Vice City...I named it DELHELI and it works pretty well... All I have to do is steal one of the heli's line and rename it to name I've made....more information can be found in gtaforums.com
  2. Watch this.... I've some codes for KITT. I've also made a code for KITT to transform to the nearest car. It 's awesome. I have to thank you both.
  3. I am inspired with with angeloelibz's idea so I thought I wanna make one code like you for my KITT in GTA SA. I turned out to be really great. I just press one button and it copies the car in front of me. If there no cars in front of me, it won't change. But it doesn't copy peds.
  4. I heard Knight Research is taking over the mod, and I'm one of it now. But they have a major problem, which is they had to start from scratch except the models. Since I don't know where to post this and I know some of the Knight Industries Modding members and are here, I would like to ask you guys permission for using your mod and CONTINUE your mod. With some little modification, it could be the best mod in the world. I even have KITT Super Pursuit Mode transformation finished. So I here asking politely, can we continue your mod? Even if you conditions for us, we will obey it.
  5. well....Show some pics...
  6. have you seen my first model??? It was crap I could show it here. It was totally 80's.
  7. I'm getting sick of all of it.....
  8. You can delete SPM code. The only way to make it still a time machine when you change from KITT to SPM is to edit the :START code. You can even put some moving parts there. Like the animated tires.
  9. Hey Mini Me, maybe you just should told them how to copy the codes from the main.scm inside the KR mini-mod. That way, you won't have to use SB-MB converter thingamajig .
  10. Just stretch the model. The dff name is sabre (I think)
  11. It is nice. Oh and BTW Neo Draganoid, why are bananas being chased by the police?