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  1. Tyncho, don't copy my stupid (early) mistakes. It took the Blu-Ray version for me to realise my pretty obvious mistake. The sign on the barber's say 'Haircuts' not 'Hairlys' Never mind, the mistake did save some money though, the price of the haircut was actually 75 cents.
  2. Mine: As posted on July 28th 2009 here: http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/inde...amp;#entry66147 And PositivBttf's:
  3. Except they're not his (PositiVBttF), they're mine.
  4. Out of curiousity, where are you sourcing your textures? I only ask because it appears that quite a lot of them are mine. I mean, for f**k's sake, I can read my name on the memorial!!! Seems a bit of a coincidence that the curtains texture I picked for Bluebird and then pleated would be the exact same one that you used. Or that part of the Western Auto window display would have precisely the same toolset that I created, tool by tool. JD Armstrongs door and windows look awfully familiar too. Of course these are just a few example. Even the sidewalk texture is mine, stretched to f**k and horribly tiled. Seems to me, judging by the crappy textures surrounding most of the buildings, that you got your hand on some of my textures and didn't know what to do with a lot them. So you took the obvious ones, applied them to the models and did a p**s poor job of it in the process. Just my opinion though.
  5. It's a complete building. That's an early WIP picture.
  6. Just to clarify: I'm Liam. Sorry if that seems a little cheeky but it does seem like you were asking me (LGisby) a question about me (Liam).
  7. They're not mine. I first caught sight of the courthouse square video some time ago on a french bttf forum and I recall having a wee sulk at the time. This was what I was setting out to do way back before I got involved with the team. As for the mod, there's no way that VC would be able to handle these models and they wouldn't look half as good as they do now. I think I'm pushing it at the moment in terms of both polygons and texture sizes. Love to take a crack at GTA IV though and play around with some proper texturing and real time shading. Anyway, they're very good, I think he has one of Biff's car as well. Unfortunatley I dont think he's willing or ready to release them to the public, which I can understand.
  8. Not too sure why. Although I don't believe they're from Telltale, they were cartoonish in style.
  9. Damn, you just beat me to it. Came across this last night on RVLF.com. Sulked for a little bit as this was exactly what I was setting out to do before I got involved with BTTF:HV. Anyway here's the link (it's in french): http://www.retourverslefutur.com/forumbttf...opic.php?t=6427
  10. Terrible, terrible idea. http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/shortcuts/2...ure-the-musical
  11. Happy birthday pal!

  12. Although this is mostly for the attention of ReeceMix, anybody with an interest will do. This, quite literally, is the plan: It's not complete and I havent even shown this to the mod team yet but as you can see it's as you hoped it would be. I'm missing a few blocks at the left side of the courthouse and behind the Texaco garage/Schwinn but that's not importnat right now. Forget the old models, it was never going to be a block, that's an old design that had nothing to do with me. Now, all these block looking buildings need modelling which is my job and, quite frankly, they are easy as s**t. What takes the time is the shading otherwise it'll just look like a big blob/block of colour in VC/SA. I wish it was GTAIV but it isn't. So give me time, please, and you'll be pleased. Or don't and accept medeKOCHER. If you have concerns or comments regarding accuracy then please (within reason) let me know .