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  1. Hello, I recently saw Mary Poppins Returns! and decided that the overture would make a great trip for Marty and his Time Train dancing adventures! Hope ya'll enjoy it, it's about 2 and a half minutes in length. I assume the roll of Marty and I must say we had fun piloting. This is also a thank you video for all who worked and those who encouraged the mod team. If it wasn't for them all I would have less smiles and not be yelling 88 miles per hour every trip into a different dimension. Thank you. P.S. if this is well received perhaps I shall continue my musical series of I as Marty and share more videos here. -h.d.z. I almost forgot to post the url, no url no video, I must be evoking Doc Prime! Marty's flight in the Time Train to the Music of Mary poppins return by h.d.z.
  2. Great Scotts! I hope to one day be Doc in this simulation of Hill Valley and more! Marty is nice...but Doc has better hair! It's all so beautiful! May you all have a happy future and the now and all be in good health in all the various dimensions of measurement...also happy sunday for the PST crowd!
  3. Great Modding work! It'll be super fun! What you've shared so far looks really fantastic! -a big big big fan.
  4. A gorgeous photo. Unity Chan Unifies greatly.
  5. I love flying the Delorean and Train, can't wait to fly the cop car. I'm using logitech gamepad F310, is there anyway to get the right analog stick to be the acceleration? Digital acceleration is okay, but analog acceleration would make driving the DeLorean so much more realistic, not to mention flying too! The space bar activates the thrust from the rear exhaust vents, it would be pretty awesome if we could get, for people who play with a gamepad and keyboard/mice, the right analog stick to variably control those thrusters, extra cool if the light from the vents dim and brightens with the change in force from the right analogue stick.
  6. In Time Traveler years? 1000's. Thanks for helping out with the AM/PM issue. The new mod is pretty awesome Mike and company!
  7. On top of that, one of the guys is carrying a case of plutonium, when it's clear they've got Mr. Fusion installed. Pffht I say, pffht. But the song is catchy and if I had a band I'd use a delorean in all my music videos.
  8. The opinion of a sandbox being only good for shooting and not for storytelling is false. The biggest issue with The Telltale game is a lack of the Delorean. Flying it, driving it, going back in time with it, landing it...s**t. Sitting in it, if you're a BTTF fan chances are you'd give up your reproductive rights just to fly in a real one once [with magic or something]. It's as an important of a character as Marty, that car. Just imagine if this mod team had the man power and money of a AAA gaming studio. f**k, just imagine this mod and Google earth crossed together or Just for cause. And just because it's a sandbox doesn't you wouldn't be able to tell a compelling new narrative. I've had more fun flying the Delorean aimlessly for 3 hours than the whole season of the BTTF game. Christopher Lloyd was the only reason I trudge through that game, a C+ I'd give it. My rant is over.
  9. It's obvious that website is overpriced. For my first post, I'll provide more evidence because I'm bored and want to contribute to something. Marty's watch on the ripoff site is 70 bucks, and that's a discounted price because of a dead battery. http://www.happynameday.com/bttf/watch.htm On Amazon it's about 16 bucks. New. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/tags-on-product/B000GB1R7S This lowers their credibility by a lot.